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When observed carefully, those who are fiercely opposing to DBKL’s decision to disapprove the annual beer festival organized by Carlsberg suggesting in October are the DAP leaders and perhaps one or two from PAN. In stark contrast to MCA, although they protested the decision but remained in respecting the decision was taken by DBKL as well as agreeing with the police explanation that concerned with the safety of visitors.

Now the beer festival will take place in in Klang, Selangor but with a new name, “Centro Mall German F & B Festival”. Previously, Azmin seems very eager to sue Utusan claiming that he had approved the banned beer festival to Selangor. But strange enough that when Sin Chew Daily also reported that the beer festival will be allowed in Selangor but with other names, Azmin was mild and with no threatening statement.

Should anyone deemed that this beer party is not a political issue, then why should the DAP leaders such as Tan Kok Wai (DAP Cheras MP), Fong Kui Lun (DAP Bukit Bintang MP), Teresa Kok (DAP Seputeh MP), Tan Kee Keong (DAP Kuala Kubu Bharu assemblyman) and Lim Lip Eng (DAP Segambut MP), their comments and statements are widely covered by their friendly portals?

Remarkably, when DAP and PAN condemned PAS openly for protesting this party, Azmin seems unable to speak up against DAP leaders and their supporters who are insulting them joyfully. Is this how Azmin would like to cooperate with PAS? PAS votes are paramount to him but when they are insulted and condemned openly, suddenly, Azmin is lost of words.

It is even more surprising when no one from Pakatan Harapan even the Malay based party PPBM has shown no guts to go against DAP’s insistence to proceed the beer festival in Selangor whereas those on the top ranking are Malays and Muslims. Hence, is it not clear that DAP is the ‘top dog’ in Pakatan Harapan?

Yet another insult to Islam when this festival with its intention to promote worldwide beers and the Germans celebration, it is shifted from Kuala Lumpur to Klang who is known to be the Royal state. Even though the green light is given by adhering to certain conditions including to rename the festival, permit from the police and local authorities, there are those among the councillors from PAS who voted against it.

What is obvious, DAP is behind the beer festival and there is no doubt about them. When the organiser receives full backing from DAP, there is no more sense of respect to Muslims sensitivity and our authorities are brashly being challenged and reproached. And what if an adverse event occurs? Will DAP be fully responsible or as usual, they will shift faults to the authorities and the government? Rest assured that Azmin and other Malay leaders in Pakatan Harapan will join the blame game.

This will be the fate of the rakyat when DAP is the ‘top dog’ that there will be no compromise to other race and religion. Above all, the rakyat’s safety will be their last concerns but to exercise their influence and tyrannical act are definite.

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