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SUARAM Adviser Kua Kia Soong has written at length with capital letters titled “WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INEVITABLE 3-CORNERED FIGHTS?” and hereby illustrates how serious it is that the 3 or more corners in the forthcoming GE14 would be inevitable when PAS remain reluctant to be in cahoot with Pakatan Harapan.In his shot at DAP history which often changes their stance in deciding political collaboration and in particular with PAS for Malay votes, Kia Soong also revealed DAP’s true colours to merely poison the minds of the Chinese community. Make no mistake about it when clearly Kia Soong wrote;

“During my association with the DAP between 1990 and 1995, I observed their constantly shifting attitude toward PAS depending on the way they perceived their “Chinese ground” shifting. The debates within the party leadership over relations with PAS and Gagasan Rakyat revealed a very muddled mindset of the DAP leaders.”

Since the establishment of PAS in 1951, they are the strongest opposition party in comparison with the DAP and others. Admitting the fact, DAP leaders have taken the opportunity to join efforts for the first time under Barisan Alternatif together with S46 despite knowing that PAS will implement hudud law eventually, no matter what it will take. Yet, DAP pursued!

Unfortunately, DAP has suffered a major defeat in the 1999 elections but PAS is more successful with an increase of up to 27 seats that caused Kit Siang’s position as the Opposition Leader was taken over by PAS. Among the major reasons for DAP’s defeat was that the Chinese voters disagreed on DAP collaboration with PAS who are insistence with their hudud implementation.

However, DAP remains with the perspective that without the support of Malay voters, they will not be able to successfully capture Putrajaya and even though DAP once left Gagasan Rakyat for PAS’s hudud law, they once again grouped in Pakatan Rakyat with Anwar Ibrahim that took the lead until Penang fall into DAP, while Selangor given to PKR and PAS retained Kelantan with additional state for Kedah.

Kia Soong does not blatantly agree that the cause of the upheaval between DAP and PAS is still due to the issue of hudud law. Instead, everything began to culminate with the Kajang Move that Ka Sioong regarded it as the silliest action by Pakatan Rakyat. This is where PAS president was set aside and the onset of various allegations levelled against Hadi Awang aggressively done by DAP to calm down Khalid Ibrahim’s supporters.

Consequently, with DAP insulting the President of PAS and with Guan Eng joining the fray to calling the PAS president as “mad” and “a liar”, DAP determination to ensure his planted team led by Mat Sabu would defeat Hadi Awang in PAS election has resulted otherwise that they suffered a major defeat. Kia Soong is gravely peculiar when DAP is so convinced that their funded PAN could draw en masse supporters which eventually is not very becoming as expected.

To Kia Soong, the DAP is desperate to correct their mistakes for severing ties with PAS and now, they are experimenting with Dr Mahathir’s new party together collaborating in Pakatan Harapan. For this time, DAP’s hunted prey are UMNO members. It seems DAP’s wishes are once again shattered when obviously Dr Mahathir has failed to get the en masse. In fact, this DAP’s erstwhile archenemy is facing his own internal unrest.

It is undeniable that all the internal upheavals and infightings within the political parties in this country, DAP has their share. For an obvious reasoning, DAP desperately needs to garner more Malay votes for themselves. Hence, if the opposition block will be facing a 3 corner contest or perhaps more, DAP is to be blamed solely.

As indicated by Kia Soong, DAP has been hypocritical and a party that only yearns for power in whatever way… IS NEVER A FAILURE, ALWAYS A LESSON!




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