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Seems to be, the most powerful man in the world President Donald Trump would have more interest in PM Najib Razak’s foreign policies offering various investments from the world’s economic forces to stimulate economy rather than unfounded accusations and wild gossips that are actively pursued by the opposition blocks or better known as the saboteurs from our very own homeland.

Over the past few weeks, not only are the opposition leaders trying to dispute Prime Minister Najib’s contentedness to fulfil President Trump’s invitation to the White House, several international media are playing the same sentiment too. In fact, media such as The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal or the Diplomats are those who were involved in demonising President Trump during his Presidential campaign.

The United States is not the only country to offer Malaysia as their ally but PM Najib has widened the diplomatic and economic relationship successfully with other world economic powers such as the Republic of China, India and the Saudi Arabia. Achieving success one after another has rewarded to PM Najib to bring home billions of investments.

Last year alone, we witnessed 3 of the world’s leading leaders visiting either PM Najib fulfilled their invitation to their country or they came over to visit us. In fact, Presiden Obama paid his visit twice to Malaysia.

Honorable President of the Republic of China President Xi Jinping has personally extended an invitation to PM Najib and his family including cabinet ministers to spend their weekend in China and as a result, PM Najib managed to bring home multi-billion worth investments. Among the successes are the ECRL collaborative project and a three-fold increase in oil palm exports to China.

President Republic of China Honorable President Xi Jinping has personally invited PM Najib and his family including cabinet ministers to spend their weekend in China and as a result, PM Najib berjaya membawa pulang pelbagai pelaburan yang bernilai beratus bilion ringgit. Di antara yang berjaya adalah projek kerjasama ECRL dan peningkatan 3 kali ganda eksport kelapa sawit ke negara China.

Surely many still remember Saudi Arabia’s King Salman’s visit to Malaysia where he has placed his first priority on our country as the first country in a series of his tours to Asia countries.

Ultimately, Saudi Aramco has inked an agreement to invest US$7 billion (RM31.08 billion) in the refinery and petrochemical integrated development project (Rapid) in Johor thus this partnership marks the beginning of a strategic, mutually beneficial relationship providing RAPID with high-impact strengths and synergies from both Saudi Aramco and Petronas.

At the invitation of Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the Republic of India, PM Najib is again making a State Visit to India from March 30 to April 4, for the third time since assuming office as prime minister in 2009.

It appears that a proposed development of a US$2 billion (S$2.8 billion) urea and ammonia manufacturing plant in Malaysia was the biggest deal. The other deal was between a Malaysian company and Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board for the setting up of a technology park in the southern state while both countries have also signed a bilateral air services agreement which would enhance connectivity.

With such excellent track record and the trust given by the great powers of the world economy to PM Najib Razak, will President Trump hesitate to join Malaysia partnership that is tied-up to boost his country’s economic growth? The overall success of Malaysia has also gained solid recognition from the world institutions and to name a few such as the World Bank and the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum that Malaysia remains an attractive business destination for investments.

Do not be easily foolished by these saboteurs for their unproven allegations and lies as Malaysia’s performance are based on the government and business efficiency led by PM Najib Razak. Do these saboteurs also think that President Trump has no record of them and who are their allies in the United States?



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