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When the United Nation reported that hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are now refugees trying to cross the border into Bangladesh from Rakhine state based on satellite images released by Human Rights Watch, will Malaysia not be affected later?Recently, in PM Najib Razak’s blog, he cited as follows when there are efforts by the Security Council to act;

“We echo the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for Myanmar’s security forces to seek holistic approaches towards addressing the crisis in Rakhine state. We urge for calm and restraint. The dire situation facing our Rohingya brothers and sisters must be alleviated for the good of Myanmar and of the region.”

There are the opposition leaders accused blindly as if the Malaysian government did nothing in the humanitarian crisis in Raknie state and Bangladesh border. Whereas, if recalled, PM Najib was audible in his condemn despite the pressure and warning from Myanmar to abstain intervening.

As always, the opposition leaders will speak without any sense of responsibility in the spirit of ASEAN friendship as well as international diplomacy in which to initiate violent confrontation would be their best solution.

Worst still when they failed to keep abreast of the current developments in which the humanitarian crisis is being taken over by the UN Security Council involving world veto powers such as China, Russian and the United States.

4th December last year, PM Najib Razak’s PM together with PAS president was in solidarity with 10,000 Muslims in the Mini Stadium Titiwangsa to show our concerns and protest against the Junta army brutality against Rohingya Muslims. Subsequently, early this year, PM Najib sent a flotilla mission with thousands of supplies and medicines to Myanmar.

But what has deliberately ignored by the opposition is when in 2015, Guan Eng rejected federal government’s application to accept Rohingya refugees who have been stranded in the Straits of Melaka for several weeks.

The reason given was that the Penang DAP government is not prepared despite all facilities are provided by the federal government. Penang was only required to be temporary and pave the way for refugees to resume to government gazetted camps outside Penang.

If we are to view at Guan Eng’s response, that shall be how the opposition’s stance in facing a humanitarian crisis without any sense of compromise and rationale.

Without us, there are now about 40,000 Rohingya refugees living in Malaysia. With the latest crisis in Rakhine, will it be fair if Malaysia is continuously charged as a stopover for another country’s conflict resolution?

For that, with the recent massacre in Rakhine and with hundreds of thousands are fleeing to Bangladesh border, Malaysia will be launching another humanitarian mission to neighbouring Bangladesh.

Besides PM Najib would also consider taking this crucial issue through the international stage either through ASEAN, OIC or the United Nations. He is said to be discussing them with Presiden Trump during his meet in the next two weeks.

As much as Suu Kyi has pledged to ensure the protection of her people’s rights, PM Najib too is highly concerned to uphold the principle of the sanctity of life but at the same time, Malaysia should not be taken for granted by the Myanmar regime.

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