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Lim Guan Eng finally acknowledged the reduction of Penang’s debt to 95 per cent was due to the Federal Government’s aid. Should the DAP-led government does not receive the Federal Government’s assistance through the implementation of water restructuring and debt rationalization in 2011, indeed, Penang’s debt will never be able to be reduced to 95 per cent but will double up to 300 percent of its original value.

The fact that Guan Eng is unable to deny any longer when all the while the Penangites were often given the impression that the reduction of state debts was due to his ‘great calibre’ as the DAP Chief Minister.

It is also known to his common impudent habit for Guan Eng to commit personal attacks and ridicule others with various name callings when he fails to respond to issues that apparently is a failure or when he is trapped in his own lies. Penang debt reduction is without doubt due to the Federal Government assistance rather than the DAP’s most lauded and swaggering competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) principles, as well as the decline in corruption as claimed by Guan Eng.

Hence, Guan Eng is given no choice and has eventually corrected all details to admit to his mistakes.

The DAP party has long been deceiving and the CAT principle championed by Guan Eng has failed to reduce Penang’s annual operating expenditure. Unknowingly, the Penangites now are forced to bear with Guan Eng’s operating expenses rising as high as 500 percent since DAP took over the administration in 2008.

Thus, Guan Eng should also admit that in order to accommodate the uncontrolled increase in state’s expenditure, the DAP-led Penang government has been selling off and trading lands and assets worth tens of billions of ringgit.

And when Guan Eng and DAP have taken desperate measures to selling and trading state assets to cover the 500 percent rise in his administrative expenses, it is obviously not something that is sustainable and thereby proven that under Guan Eng and DAP-led government in Penang as the ruling party is inefficient
and not reliable.

Therefore, Penangites in particular and Malaysians generally should translate to reject DAP in the coming general election for an obvious reason that they have ruined the future of the people and hence betrayed their voters’ trusts. Penang is indeed the living proof. All that was lauded are just impressive on papers but failed terribly in their implementations.

Imagine, even Penang could not be saved anymore, what more can we put our hope and trust for DAP to save Malaysia? Instead, it is Penang and Malaysia must be rescued from Guan Eng and DAP madness to power.




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