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When faced with defamation suit filed by PAS in the London High Court, Clare Rewcastle Brown and Sarawak Report have now attempted to raise doubts among PAS members and their donors by questioning why there is a need for government representative from the Malaysian Embassy in London while their presence was just as a regular procedure and not involved in any direct dealings.

As such, given that the fundraising campaign from PAS members launched in March only managed to collect about £13,000 (RM78,000), SR has questioned them with the purpose of raising suspicion that supposedly there is some dubious help to finance PAS’s lawsuit against them.

SR also estimated the cost incurred by PAS President to pay their appointed London lawyer Carter Ruck for RM3,000 (£500) for each hour. Thus, the claimed estimated cost spent by PAS President for the court proceedings is so far amounting to RM600,000 (£100,000). Certainly, the shortages are turned by SR into their advantages but as usual, they are without supporting documents but merely assumptions.

But why SR should raise the suspicion of such?

First and foremost, PAS sued SR for defaming them to receiving the RM90 million that was channelled by PM Najib Razak. SR hidden agenda is clear when in their efforts are to sway other PAS leaders confidence towards Hadi Awang and PAS should never compromise on any other political standings but to kowtow once again to DAP’s demands.

And on August 2 last year, the case process took off in the London High Court led by PAS President.

With PAS determination to proceed the court suit despite facing shortages in their collections, SR who has initially underestimated their opponent, it turns out that SR is now fearful and troubled knowing that they would lose and thus prove their credibility as what is often claimed that their insiders’ information to be reliable but will be doubted. It seems that SR will have to be known for spreading false news.

SR has repeatedly and without fail proven adept at issuing false reports and wild accusations against PM Najib Razak’s leadership in which their former editor, Lester Melanyi has admitted that 90 per cent of the news published by SR are false and deliberately modified. While Xavier Justo who was arrested by the Thai authorities, he has also acknowledged that SR had bought his stolen information to demonise our nation and UMNO leaders.

Therefore, when PAS succeeds in bringing their suit to the High Court of London later, losing or winning is not the main issue but what Clare fears most is that certainly all about Clare Rewcastle Brown and Sarawak Report would unfold.Hence, everyone especially Malaysians are dying to know the culprit who masterminds their articles. Above all, we wish to know who is SR funder.

Last but not least, this is just a gentle reminder to SR… if you are clear, there is nothing to fear!

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