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It is extremely aggravating when the administration of the award-winning DAP Penang Government for the Best Municipal and the Best Municipal Manager have evidently failed to comply with the Drainage Trust Account Instructions that was set by its own Government.

Disclosure in the 2017 Auditor General report pertaining to MPSP failure to comply with the Trust Instructions, they have tainted the integrity of MPSP, a branch of the DAP-led Penang government. Transparency in its financial governance is now questioned. What more when recently, the international award to MPSP is linked with the act of using public money to buying the awards for false recognitions.

The Penang State Government’s CAT policy introduced by DAP and became the pride of Guan Eng seems to have been dead which is accurate when MPSP deliberately delaying the delivery of drainage fund collection contributions to JPSPP (Department of Irrigation and Drainage Penang) to be accounted for. As of June 2016, the total accumulated drainage contributions outstanding to JPSPP is RM22.09 million.

Based on the Auditor General’s report, for the period 2008 – June 2016, a sum of RM 63.39 million has been collected by MPSP and of that amount, only RM2.2 million was handed over to JPSPP until June 2016.

MPSP failure to surrender all the money proceeds of the drainage contributions to JPSPP has caused many flood preventive projects for affected areas were interrupted. Hence, in 2016 the four critical areas in Seberang Perai Tengah was hit by floods for 21 times persistently.

The MPSP Head directive to its treasury department in 2010 to hand over only RM400,000 per year for drainage fund collection to JPSPP to control the cash flow of MPSP is unnecessary and should be acted upon. Not to mention that these directives were forced without the State Government approval.

However, the MPSP’s measures to save the drainage collection money that was supposed to be transferred to JPSPP as if to show off as a clean surplus accounting but simultaneously, they have caused public unrest and hardship on the people of Seberang Perai.

MPSP has evidently failed to demonstrate their accountability in line with CAT slogan that is already dead. MPSP is not committed to resolving the increasingly frequent flooding problems faced by the population and in particular those in the SPT District.

Does MPSP have any other purpose and intentions for failing to deliver the drainage contributions proceed to JPSPP? Having won the international awards for the Best Municipal and the Best Municipal managers, are they now pursuing to go for the Best Cash Saving award among local authorities in the world?





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