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For the first time, since the Pakatan Harapan existed, they had eventually made the right decision when Dr Mahathir is only placed as its Chairman who has no executive power but merely serves them as a master of ceremony for their programs. Apparently, they have identified Dr Mahathir’s inability to think and act precisely when his senile dementia is obvious.

Dr Mahathir could no longer remember his IC number when during the citizen declaration signing ceremony for the opposition’s ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign and of late, everyone noticed he could not even read his text properly that he conveniently mentioned Mat Sabu as UMNO President instead of PAN’s.

In taking advantage of the AFP report which claimed that Abdul Razak Baginda, who is also PM’s associate and close friend, was charged in France for his involvement in corruption and irregularities in the purchase agreement of Scorpene submarine, the pro-opposition news portal or rather the DAP propaganda mouthpiece Malaysian Insight, they have approached this senile Pakatan Harapan Chairman for his views.

Without deep thought, Dr Mahathir has stated as follows; ‘The decision to purchase the two submarines were “probably” decided during his administration but as he remembers it was not discussed with the Cabinet.’

But within less than a day after his statements are published, the rakyat has surfaced to correct him and mostly are widespread rebutted in the social media. Shockingly, the netizens have proven him wrong that they even provided newspaper cuttings from the past and there are those who attached the Parliament Hansard to proof that it was Dr Mahathir who gave the green light to purchase those Scorpenes.

Even so, there is one particular secret that Dr Mahathir may not want to call but was exposed by a blogger by the name of Seademon, the blog has revealed that it was during Mahathir’s premiership that these Scorpenes were first mooted by Dr Mahathir’s son Mokhzani and he received the support of Mahathir’s henchman Daim Zainuddin through his proxy.

Yes, PM Najib was the Minister of Defence from 1991 until 1995 but in the same year in 1995, during which the proposal was given a ‘go’, PM Najib was transferred to Ministry of Education and until the final decision was made in 2001, PM Najib was given back the Ministry of Defence. Upon Dr Mahathir’s approval, the contract was inked in 2002 before he eventually left Putrajaya.

Meanwhile, a Facebooker by the name of Beruang Biru has detailed Dr Mahathir’s sequence of intent events within his premiership to purchase those submarines. It all began with the LIMA 97 where France exhibited their submarine and followed by Dr Mahathir’s letter to the then France Prime Minister, Mr Michel Rocard.

Among the exchanged 4 letters, Dr Mahathir wrote that the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) will get more landing rights in Paris whereas two French-made submarine Scorpene model will be delivered in 2009 that will be based in Sepanggar, Sabah.

Even if PM Najib was then the Minister of Finance, why did Dr Mahathir himself dealt directly with France without ever mentioning PM Najib’s name when the Ministry of Defence was returned to him in 2000? As much as possible that Dr Mahathir tried to demonise PM Najib Razak, be very wary and make no mistake that in all his unsubstantiated allegations, his sons and cronies are indeed involved in every way.





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