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It is very unfortunate for Malaysians who had to attend to the demands of the opposition leaders who are indeed in their ‘low class’ level when they are still making a fuss in the Dewan Rakyat with 1MDB issue which has been answered 72 times. Hence, the opposition leadership is advised not to turn themselves into idiotic politicians and stop wasting rakyat’s trust and tax payers money.

Do they not know that the government has made a variety of clarifications through mediums such as television, forums including undergoing public inquiry? Clearly, not that they are not aware of it but they are likely to have lacked in ability to understand direct and simple explanations.

If the opposition is not willing to accept government clarification, do they not know that PAC committee members who have conducted an investigation into 1MDB misappropriations also comprises of the opposition? Is the opposition only relying on Tony Pua’s statements and they are telling us that they have no confidence in a more credible leader like Dr Tan Seng Giaw who is also the Deputy Chairman of PAC?

There are William Leong Jee Ken – MP PKR Selayang, Takiyuddin bin Hassan – MP PAS Kota Bahru and Kamarul Baharin bin Abbas – MP PAN Kuala Terengganu, besides Dr Tan and Tony Pua. Why are the opposition leaders ignoring them or are they deliberately sidelined for agreeing unanimously that PM Najib Razak is not to be blamed at all for 1MDB misappropriations?

Throughout all the roadshows and forums held by the opposition, have they ever included Dr Tan Seng Giaw, William Leong Jee Ken, Takiyuddin bin Hassan or Kamarul Baharin apart from Tony Pua? As we all know that Tony Pua has been dubbed Dr Tan for issuing incorrect statements and Tony was also challenged by Dr Tan to present new evidence in the PAC investigation, but Tony failed to do so.

Clearly, this means that when the opposition bloc once again insisted on bringing the 1MDB issue in the Dewan Rakyat, actually they are not interested in seeking any further clarifications from the government but deliberately intended to recycle the issues that was already concluded by PAC that has went through thorough investigations by all parties, including the police, the MACC and the National Bank. This shows that the opposition has no rakyat issue anymore to highlight in the Parliament sitting.

In fact, we are also wondering if leaders in Pakatan Harapan like Wan Azizah, Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Kit Siang are so afraid to face Dr Tan Seng Giaw. If the opposition sincerely seeks to know the truth, Dr Tan is the best person to give explanations as he has an unquestionable clean record even though he is from the DAP bloc.

What we can conclude is that should anyone from the opposition bloc who deliberately wants to bring 1MDB issues to the next parliament sitting is not just with malice intentions but it is not wrong if the people would regard them as absolutely dumb leaders who are not fit to be re-elected in the opposition bloc. Look no further, the best example is Muhyiddin who has blatant difficulties to understand the PAC report but constantly questioning them.

This is the chronic sickness among the opposition supporters when they prefer fools rather than thoughtful leaders.



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