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Why is the need to repeat that he will never return to UMNO even if Prime Minister Najib is no longer the President unless Dr Mahathir knew that he is in a dire situation that he is still not well received by the opposition grassroots? We all have witnessed a series of public disapproval among the opposition supporters from the start when he joined the opposition block and until today. The worst was during Bersih rally when Rafizi had to signal the crowd to stop calling Dr Mahathir with the usual name callings such as “Mahafiraun” and “Mahazalim”.

It is as though a clear message to Pakatan Harapan leaders that even though Dr Mahathir can have all the fortune in the world to woo their leaders but the grassroots stance are firm to go against him at all costs. Hence, Dr Mahathir is left with no choice but to be bolder to declare his stance against UMNO.

In his more than 30 years political history, Dr Mahathir has not once but three times returning to UMNO after either he was sacked or left the party on his own accord. The reason is clear and very straight forward, Dr Mahathir will not be able to succeed he is able to occupy the post of Prime Minister without the full backing from UMNO.

When Dr Mahathir left UMNO for the third time, he was overly confident in the beginning that he could cripple UMNO and PM Najib’s leadership. But alas, not only UMNO still exists but it is kicking even harder and stronger. For that, PM Najib’s position is intact and non-challenged.

Dr Mahathir may wish not to realise that his exit is actually a blessing to UMNO. Simple and straight forward reason too, Dr Mahathir managed to bring along with him all the parasites and specks of dirt out of UMNO, hence the Malay largest party is now cleansed. Instead, that dirt are now borne by DAP, PKR and PAN.

For that, PM Najib replied that Dr Mahathir ought to stay on with the opposition blocks that even with his refusal to return, it will definitely not bring any difficulties to UMNO. As it is, UMNO strength is not about just one person but it is the party over 3 million united, resilience and loyal members that this Malay largest and in fact the longest serving political party is intact and it is even more stronger.

Recalling the moment when the founder of UMNO, Datuk Onn Jaafar decided to leave UMNO, this Malay party is still moving forward until today.

Instead, it is those who left UMNO with Dr Mahathir are now facing the biggest dilemma when they are neither here nor there among the Pakatan Harapan circle. Perhaps on the surface, PPBM seems friendly to DAP, PKR and PAN but behind the scene, reality has spoken when the key party grassroots can never appreciate them and it is pathetic when they are still treated as aliens.

No matter how determined Dr Mahathir is trying to convince PH grassroots that he is fighting tooth and nail to go against PM Najib and UMNO/BN, even with the latest confession uploaded in PPBM’s FB, he is obviously doubted. As for UMNO, it is such a relief when Dr Mahathir and his troops eventually left, for even the wall is written in red that there shall be not even a tiny space left for Dr Mahathir’s return in UMNO.




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