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The first word that cropped from these grateful Felda settlers is ‘unexpected’ and what is even more thrilling is those 6 incentives will take effect by end of August meant to ease their burden.

About 94,956 Felda settlers nationwide will receive RM5,000 as incentives, the repossessed loan repayment amounted to RM5,000 to each settler, the disposal of the remaining portion of FGV share loan balance involves more than 77,000 settlers, approval for an interest-free home loan amounting to RM40,000 and can build more than one housing unit on one site which involves 70,000 settler’s home sites, a special replanting grant involving RM7,500 per hectare and last but not least, a special fund of RM300 million is established for the period 2017 to 2021 to dispose of the replanting debt exceeding RM40,000.

For the first time, Felda settlers received six incentives all at once granted by the government under PM Najib leadership. With all the incentives and remuneration granted by the government, should the opposition feels challenged it is definitely not the settlers’ problem but it turns out that their accusations that these Felda settlers are always burdened with debt are evidently wrong.

Further, Barisan Nasional government has once again proven that they walk the talk in easing the burden of the settlers’ cost of living.

As always, there are a handful of settlers rooted in the opposition instances where they are no longer under the auspices of Felda, some have already no longer sell their crops to Felda or there are those who sued Felda, this concerned Barisan Nasional government is still giving them a second chance to return where they should belong within 6 months or they will end up with nothing.

Should we are unaware, the opposition leaders stance often contradicts itself. When they accused the BN government failed to ensure the welfare and the prosperity of the settlers, yet today these settlers are granted with the ‘all at once’ incentives, opposition leader such as Rafizi regarded them as Barisan Nasional’s general election goodies.

Worst still when Rafizi questioned the government’s capability to fulfil those incentives. We understand Rafizi’s prejudice in view of the failed Pakatan Harapan states governments in Penang and Selangor that are facing critical financial balance.

Felda was not born yesterday as this giant organisation has commenced operations in plantation since 1956. With their diversified business expansion and its revenue from various investments and plantations, certainly there are sufficient resources allocated for the settlers incentives but regrettably, the government was accused of stealing money.

This is the problem with opposition leaders, whenever there are opportunities that benefit the rakyat, they will attempt to raise doubts and undermine every effort by the BN-led government, but in reality, these oppositions are trying to put a stop to the settlers from benefiting from Felda. On the same note, we should know that in the opposition and in particular Rafizi and PKR, they have faced various court suits for defaming Felda.

In that case, do we still wish to put trust in them?




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