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To avoid paying full attention to Dr Mahathir’s controversial appointment in Pakatan Harapan (PH) supreme rank, apart from launching their new logo, PH has also offered seven new yet some are recycled promises to the people to be implemented within 100 days if they succeed in conquering Putrajaya.

Regrettably, these 7 promises are apparently just flavouring the occasion since no further details or explanations or perhaps a summary was enclosed but merely inscriptions. But if one looked back on these promises, they can be easily disputed and the rakyat needs to be very wary about it.

Promise to eliminate GST is already contradictory. In their two previous alternative budgets presented by the opposition pacts in 2015 and 2016, they targeted that the GST to be at a rate of 0% and evidently they will not abolish the GST.

For the period 1 April 2015 to 31 December in the same year, the GST net collection is RM27.01 billion which is according to the Ministry of Finance. Meanwhile, throughout 2016, the GST tax collection stood at RM41.2 billion. Meaning that if the government will remove the GST revenue, there will be a definite shortfall of RM41.2 billion. Therefore how will the opposition replace this deficiency? Will the civil servants be their first victim?

This means that without GST, our state’s revenue will be reduced significantly and it turns out PH has failed to explain to the rakyat on the alternative to replace GST.

PH second promise is to stabilise the price of petrol. It seems that this is their new phrase when disputing oil prices. In the past, the opposition promised that once they managed to conquer Putrajaya, the next day the oil prices will come down but why are they only talking about stabilising oil prices now?

When the oil price dropped for 5 consecutive weeks, the opposition blocs were as silent as the grave but when it rose to 4 cents, they also rose from the grave to blame the government. This is the oppositions true colours that are only good at criticism but they themselves do not have the slightest understanding.

In fact, they used to claimed that once the oil price drops, then the price of goods will follow. But this time around when the oil price is stable, how much have the price of goods gone down? Inexhaustible in their theory only to incite the rakyat that even Rafizi has abstained from talking about petrol prices in his recent truck tour.

The next juicy yet doubtful pledges are to focus on easing the people’s burden but how it will be done is not detailed. In the past, what was written in the Buku Jingga was never implemented in Penang and Selangor.

For example in Penang, on February 2008 before the 12th general election, Guan Eng promised that the Sungai Nyiur Toll at 50 cents is stifling the people’s blood. But if DAP comes into power and now it is almost 10 years, not only that the toll is not repealed but they still remain intact.

In their Buku Jingga launched on 19 December 2010 during the 2nd Pakatan Rakyat Convention in Penang, the opposition made 100-day pledges which included to raise teacher salaries, toll-free, cheaper water, returning subsidies to the people, eliminate ISA and free the state institutions.

Their new 7 promises are obviously contradictive to their Buku Jingga where DAP and PKR are involved. The teachers increase salaries are no longer on their agenda, to eliminate tolls no longer exists and cheaper water charges have also been scrapped off.

What has happened in Penang is the best example of the opposition’s lies in the broad daylight. Not only water charges has DAP attempted to lessen them instead Guan Eng has raised Penang water tariffs for 4 consecutive times within 8 years. Is this how Pakatan will reduce the cost of living of the people?

So be it if previously was Pakatan Rakyat and today is Pakatan Harapan, eventually, they will claim that what they used to say in the past that their manifesto should not be considered as promises. The opposition blocks have conveniently reneged their promises and today a new set of another promises to be betrayed once again?




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