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“Harapan must be prepared for more than the RM30 billion forex (foreign exchange) losses incurred during Mahathir’s term,”. This is just not a precautionary note but a reality check by Kua Kia Soong to DAP, PKR and PAN including all Pakatan Harapan members and sympathisers.

In their euphoria to appoint Dr Mahathir as Pakatan Harapan’s Chairman, they have conveniently forgotten that they will have to bear the burden of all Dr Mahathir’s scandals for 22 years during his tenure as the head of government. All of Dr Mahathir’s fraud and oppression during those years are made aware by Kua Kia Soong, a human rights veteran and Suaram adviser too.

Can we see how crafty Mahathir’s politics could be despite in whichever block he resides to be? Even though the Pakatan Harapan has celebrated his appointment as their Chairperson including the new logo, that without realising the scandals are now have switched hands to DAP, PKR and PAN automatically.

Hence, they are now answerable to the rakyat.

Naturally, during those time, the Barisan Nasional government had to answer any of Dr Mahathir’s alleged scandal, even so, BN had to endure when assailed by fiery questions and scathing accusations from the opposition block and in particular DAP. As such, both Prime Ministers after him were forced to shoulder the consequences of which was left behind by Dr Mahathir.

DAP, PKR and PAN should not gleefully dismiss his scandals as they have unanimously agreed to elect him as their Chairman and his previous wrongdoings are theirs now. Should DAP, PKR and PAN take the approach that it is Dr Mahathir’s personal scandal, then clearly the three opposition parties are taking him for a ride just to challenge Barisan Nasional for the coming general election only.

However, if reforms and real changes that people want to see in the coming days are what Barisan Nasional is and have done today under the leadership of PM Najib Razak. It is evident when Dr Mahathir’s draconian and oppressive systems imposed by Dr Mahathir have now been restored in Pakatan Harapan which they have heedlessly have agreed upon.

Kua also reminded Pakatan Harapan leaders who have agreed to appoint Dr Mahathir as a betrayal to the ‘Reformasi’ movement as it existed when Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister in 1998. In fact, Dr Mahathir has never shown a sliver of contrition on his conspiracy against Anwar. It should also be noted, the ‘Reformasi movement is against the Operation Lalang, the BNM’s Forex loss scandal and all the bail-outs for his failed businessmen including his sons.

It seems that the PH leadership is ever willing to betray their preceding struggles for Dr Mahathir. Therefore, they should also be ever willing to deal with the people to clear their Chairman’s sins rather than simply receiving any kickbacks and exploiting him for political agenda to further divide Malay votes. Be mindful that when you have already agreed, therefore you should also be willing to carry the baggage on his behalf too.




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