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It is clear he still wants to call the shots and he made sure he got what he wanted when it is hard to stop doing things that the old Top Dog has been doing for a long time dictating everyone around him. Hence, old habits die hard even though in reality he is powerless.

Mahathir claimed that he is the top dog in Pakatan Harapan but quick to realise that he will just be chairing the Presidential Council meeting without any executive power before anyone else in PH would condemn and embarrass him further.

Yet there are those Anwar’s staunch supporters known as Otai Reformasi has voiced their discontent towards Mahathir’s position at par with Wan Azizah. Their rift may end up that this group will leave PKR when they still regard Mahathir as the “syaitan” (Satan) and mother of all Pharaohs for unfairly jailed Anwar.

Should Dr Mahathir considers the new PH supreme leader lines as sharing of power akin to Barisan Nasional than he is gravely wrong. For 22 years he has been presiding UMNO and BN, Dr Mahathir has conveniently forgotten that there is no de facto Chief as well as a joint president position. BN comprises of 14 other registered political parties as its components and yet there is only one President since day one.

Unlike Pakatan Harapan, there are 3 leaders in one coalition, the de facto Chief, Chairman and the President. Should PH is emulating PKR hierarchy, the de facto Chief is above the party President and this means that Dr Mahathir and others in the supreme line are powered by Anwar Ibrahim. Even in DAP, their National Chairman is powerless except his function is just to chairman the CEC meeting. Their Secretary-General is the most powerful person in the party.

Since Pakatan Harapan dominated by DAP and PKR as the main component, whereas PAN and PPBM is just the secondary, it is thus obvious that the top dog remains to Anwar as pictured by Rafizi in his Invoke poster. Whereas the self-proclaimed top dog Dr Mahathir as the Chairman who will only be given the seat to chair meetings without any controlling power and what more to exercise the veto against any decision.

Therefore, to level his Chairmanship in Pakatan Harapan with PM Najib Razak as the Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional / UMNO President is certainly wildly illogical when in reality it is just to fit in Pakatan Harapan’s ceremonial duties.

Although Mahathir claimed that he is the “Top Dog” in Pakatan Harapan, the real power in the Pakatan Harapan hierarchy lies with Anwar Ibrahim as the de facto leader who is now behind the iron curtain whereas their supreme dictator, Kit Siang is now hiding behind a pillar.




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