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Six years ago, the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib has announced the MRT project when he presented the 10th Malaysia Plan and this project is thus a major project for the people in the agenda of the National Transformation Program. Now as is often said by PM Najib, “Promises Fulfilled”, Barisan Nasional and its leaders are awarding to the rakyat the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line in their Phase 2.

Hence, on this 170717, a date for all Malaysians to have their memoir with what can be levelled as a world class rail track right from Sungai Buloh to Kajang. This SBK MRT line has started its full operation on 17 July 2017 after its launching by PM Najib recently.

But what is there to be proud of?

For the opposition, it is certainly not an achievement of the BN government to be proud of even though it has evidently proven that such a mega project handled by Barisan Nasional government is a cost saving project upon its timely completion schedule. Above all, it has levelled its standard to the world class that it is even better from London, New York and Hong Kong.

Opposition leaders such as Nurul Izzah had issued a “No Action Talk Only” political statement to claim that if Pakatan Harapan (PH) wins in GE14, they are capable of a much cheaper and better MRT lines. Well, talk is cheap and even without any details, she is again giving out false hopes as those empty promises to frustrated Kerinchi voters given to them earlier.

If Nurul could still remember, how she had deceived some Kerinchi voters that eventually they had to just watch their neighbours moved to a new “Kerinchi Residensi” apartment that is much spacious and equipped with modern facilities.

While Hannah Yeoh and Tony Pua are trying to remind us that this project is not from the Prime Minister’s pocket. No one has ever claimed including PM Najib that he has coughed it up from his own pocket to finance the project. But what the two DAP leaders have deliberately denied is that the success of this project is led by PM Najib personally. PM Najib deserves the praise when it is evidently completed within the schedule that costs are saved.

What is obvious it is not just a paper project but the results stood tall before our eyes.

In fact, in PM Najib’s message, he did not fail to mention that it is thus a success by the people and for the people. Should Hannah Yeoh and Tony Pua feel that PM Najib is taking the credit, please grasp this statement from him;

“This world-class public transport infrastructure has been developed and operated by thousands of locals since 2010. I am very proud of everyone involved with this project. Be proud of your accomplishments, look back at all the sacrifices of energy, the resting hours with family and friends. Here’s the result of your sweat and tears! ”

And at the end of his message as well, PM Najib clearly mentioned as such;

“On this occasion, I once again invite you to celebrate together another significant moment for … Negaraku, Tanahairku”. So where possible that PM Najib has claimed credit for himself?

If we are to compare achievements from the opposition states, will Hannah Yeoh, Tony Pua and Nurul Izzah be able to list them down? Do not hide your failures and irregularities in the PH-led states by trying to shift to spot silly mistakes.

From paper to reality, MRT is indeed a far cry compared to DAP tunnel project that still remains on paper. To the oppositions, if you are not capable of giving a beating to PM Najib’s leadership, just join to have a memoir with the MRT that the rakyat is definitely proud of.

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