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Even though DAP and PAS have decided to sever their political cooperation that resulted to a fragmented PAS as PAN is set up, everyone ought to be reminded that Mat Sabu stood firm with his statement that … “hudud law will bring prosperity for humanity that they are able to solve all humanitarian problems”.

While PAN Salahuddin Ayub once said that their party will not budge from plans to implement hudud in Kelantan and all these efforts would not cause any rift between DAP and PAN (NST, 4 July 2017).

So be it if either Mat Sabu’s stance or Salahuddin’s statement, strangely enough when DAP did not object since no one rebutted and objected them. After all, the hudud law was initiated by PAS and the ultimate reason for breaking ties with PAS was when Kelantan successfully approved the Syariah law enactment.

Similarly, when PAS tabled a proposed amendment to the Syariah Court’s law in the recent parliament session, DAP leaders were as silent as the grave when PAN, PKR and PPBM supported them but chose to strike against MCA and Gerakan.

Recently, Kit Siang has openly named Husam Musa as Kelantan MB if Pakatan Harapan managed in capturing the state administration from PAS. It will be quite right if we are to be doubtful when Kit Siang and DAP are still yearning to cooperate with PAS and hence deceived the Chinese in their desire to gain power in Kelantan as well as Putrajaya.

Everyone and in particular DAP supporters must not forget that when Husam was the exco in PAS, he supported the state’s policy to prohibit the non-Muslim traders to continue their business during Maghrib prayers. DAP supporters should also know that Husam and 6 other PAN MPs have agreed to Hadi Awang’s motion in raising the Syariah Court penalties.

Is it still unclear how DAP is playing a movie with Chinese voters? Where is the truth that DAP has completely sever their political ties with PAS upon reasons not agreeing with the implementation of hudud law in Kelantan? Shouldn’t DAP too does the same to PAN when they are obviously agreeing to every PAS policy and effort?

If DAP is more than willing to lie even in the bright light to mislead the Chinese, they will not hesitate to do the same to Malay voters too. In Selangor, DAP remains with PAS in Pakatan Rakyat whereas in Kelantan DAP did not dispute when PAN supports hudud law.

It seems that hypocrisy is DAP’s best policy as long as they could gain power at any time and every time and voters must ban both PAN and DAP for this unholy and untrustworthy alliance.

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