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As far as the news portal Malaysiakini is concerned, they have served as a mouthpiece for the opposition blocks whilst claiming to represent the voice of the people. Too frequent we discovered inaccurate and deliberate distorted news reportings that actual incidences are twisted to mislead their readers and eventually capable of antagonising the rakyat to go against the Barisan Nasional-led government.

Now and then, we might think that the present government is inefficient, corrupt, excessive in their expenditure and does not carry out the mandate that was given by the people. But apparently today, many have realised that Malaysiakini is the best exemplary loaded with manipulations and spinning reportings that in actual, they fear the truth.

After a long boasted claiming that they are the real voice of the people, Malaysians have surfaced to prompt and correct their reportings when they are no longer accurate and reliable.

A Facebooker known as William Cheah wrote expressing his discontentment on what was distorted by Malaysiakini on PM Najib Razak and his wife visit to review and experience the ride of the second phase for Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT line.

Evidently, Malaysiakini published a report that was solely referring to another Facebooker posting who only witnessed the situation from afar when he is not even part of the entourage. Whereas William Cheah is among the invited social media activist who was on board in the feeder bus as well as during the MRT journey.

Malaysiakini maliciously attempted to give the impression that the rakyat was driven away just to allow PM Najib and his wife to enjoy their MRT ride. For anyone who reads that article and without even investigating them, shall instantly fall into their baited trap to condemn the couple. That has been their usual crafty approach in their writings.

As explained by William Cheah, the entourage with PM Najib attended a closed event and he was accompanied only by those invited from the Prime Minister’s office. This 2nd phase will only be officially open on the 17th. Therefore, where are the commuters that were driven away as reported by Malaysiakini when it is not even meant for public?

No wonder with such malicious reports, netizens would label and wrote unpleasant remarks on Malaysiakini such as “bloody toilet tabloid”, “18-year-old trash that masquerades as the voice of the people”, “Malaysiakini, yesterday, tomorrow never stop making false statement”, “#Malaysiakini better change your name to #MenipuKini”, “big spinning”, “Truths are mundane and won’t get them the traffic they need”.

Netizens also remind Malaysiakini hardcore readers to be mindful that some wrote; “I guess their readers are beyond stupid for day and night believing Mkini.”, “Shame on you for fabricating stories to create unnecessary anger”. On the same note, Malaysiakini was also taught by netizens how to write with class; “The word “apparently” means non-verified & irresponsible reporting to cause hype”.

Above all, they questioned Malaysiakini journalism ethics… ” Is this honestly the quality of professional journalism available nowadays?

With all the cries and mockery from the people, will Malaysiakini uphold true journalistic ethics and are they prepared to be truthful in their future reportings? Do not push our luck too much as Malaysiakini is meant to be the opposition mouthpiece and it will be very wise to stop trusting them.




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