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The 2 decades Syarikat Berita Publishing was rewarded to Kadir Jasin upon his retiring from NST as Chief Editor in 2000 and has closed shop in 2015 under his care. This magazine publishing company was initially under NST since 1973 and had published various titles including Malaysian Business, Jelita, Anjung Seri and Madam Chair.

Among the reasons given to exit from the publishing business are the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation on April 1 which resulted in poor sales. This statement was done within 2 months or so after GST took off. What is surprising is that even after years of GST implementation, Karangkraf which is another Malay magazine and printing business oriented, not only that they have survived but their business is booming.

Recently, the failed magazine publishing businessman Kadir Jasin has tried to adopt Rafizi’s dirty tactics to create a panic button to depositors and investors. Rafizi has done to Tabung Haji and now Kadir is attempting the same tactic into PNB. As we all know, both Tabung Haji and PNB have the most Malay depositors, hence that shall be their main target.

Kadir has recently questioned the need to spend lavishly on the organisation’s bidding for their vehicles serial number registrations that to him certainly involved depositors savings. Rafizi dealt his claims to target a politician who is leading Tabung Haji but it is very unlucky for Kadir when he has to deal with Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar who is an eminent corporate figure.

Even during his contractual tenure as the Finance Minister 2, Tan Sri Wahid has demonstrated that he would not teethe in his arguments either to the Parliament or in his statements to political rhetorics. His stance has given rise from both sides of the government and opposition blocks to have high regards for him.

In his statement to answer Kadir, Tan Sri Wahid Omar once again demonstrated his credentials as a successful corporate member since the helm in the UEM-Renong Group (2001-2004), Telekom Malaysia (2004-2008) and Maybank (2008-2013). The philosophy he has held for years based on the “Form without substance will not get you anywhere. But when you combine form with substance, you will go a long way “, has already proven successful.

It will be not too much to ask Kadir, what will be his philosophy that Berita Publishing is now ravaged?

As a far-sighted person with sage judgement in business, Tan Sri Wahid knew that not only those selective registered PNB vehicle numbers will benefit in their branding strategy, yet it will be the organisation’s future assets. In fact, the bidding was a direct deal with JPJ and the total bidding amount of RM419,006 is from PNB’s own pocket that is now worth RM40 billion and depositors’ monies are untouched.

Perhaps Kadir is disappointed when a corporate figure and former Finance Minister 2 was not in favour of Dr Mahathir and that is why such transparent and a beneficial attempt by PNB is dragged into his dirty politics pool. Hopefully, Kadir would appraise himself first before reprimanding someone who has proven to be credible and successful.




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