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Just because Muhyiddin has now joined the opposition bloc, DAP starts to daydream to conquer Johor in the coming GE14. Failing to face reality, DAP has to resume to other dirty tricks echoed in their online mouthpiece that the new generation in Johor including the Menteri Besar Johor’s son is inclined to support PPBM.

Such statement was cited by Sheikh Omar Ali who is the Assistant Secretary of Dap Johor and a special officer to Kluang MP that it was lashed out by UMNO Johor from all levels including Akmal Saufi’s father, the Johor Menteri Besar. Akmal Saufi is now holding the Johor Bahru UMNO Youth Information Chief as well as the Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteer (BNYV) Director.

In his response, Akmal has denied Sheikh Omar’s claims and insisted that DAP Johor to retract Sheikh Omar’s accusations hence demanded an open apology or a legal action will follow suit. Akmal even reminded DAP Johor to at least browse through his Instagram timeline to witness his loyalty for UMNO when the obvious is he has been occupied with BN/UMNO activities.

However, Akmal’s immediate superior in the Johor Bahru UMNO Youth wing Syaiful Rizal Abd Ghani underlined that UMNO has always and will continue to practise freedom of expression among leaders and members. As UMNO demonstrates its wisdom, the difference in opinion was never and shall never be regarded as distractions to party unity among members. In fact, UMNO has always welcomed such differences for betterment.

Hence, Syaiful Rizal reminded DAP Johor to be realistic in their claims to conquer Johor when a chauvinist party such as DAP upholds 3 major abstinence to ‘Bangsa Johor’ comprises of anti-Malays, anti-Islam and anti-Malay Rulers institutions. Instead, these are the principles that UMNO Johor will forever endorse and safeguard them.

Meanwhile, MB Johor who is also Akmal’s father elaborated that despite the controversies his son went through earlier, it is an opportunity for him in his learning process to be a wise UMNO leader. MB Khaled too reminded DAP to be factual and responsible in their claims.

It is hence obvious that DAP Johor is in their desolation state that they desperately need to confuse and what more distorting public opinion. To conquer Johor is not only to conquer Gelang Patah or just with Muhyiddin but above all can DAP win the hearts and minds of the ‘Bangsa Johor’? Unless and until this is accomplished, DAP is still far from reach even in their dreams.




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