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To laugh or cry, you know why Tony Pua said that to Azmin’s recent statement to retain Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor? It is just to restore Azmin’s short memory that PAS is the one who called a quit with PKR. But the actual message that Tony intended to convey is that Azmin should not conveniently forget that Pakatan Rakyat is long revoked and it is DAP who should decide what should or should not happens in the opposition block.

Meanwhile, Lim Kit Siang regarded Azmin’s statement calling it ‘utterly shocking’ and ‘unacceptable’. It is not even surprising since this is not a new issue. What is supposed to be more shocking and unacceptable when Kit Siang and DAP have failed to control hence tame Azmin which is an embarrassment to their position as the ‘BIG’ brother to Pakatan Harapan.

Azmin has recently announced that Pakatan Rakyat remains in Selangor where the cooperation between the three parties, namely DAP, PKR and PAS is not disturbed. For Azmin this is not a political co-operation but due to the mandate was given to them in the last election to administer Selangor.

For PAS, their Syura Council has concluded that any political cooperation with PKR is severed but in Selangor, they need to retain their three assemblymen who are appointed and approved by Sultan Selangor as the states excos. Hence, PAS shall be loyal to whoever the Menteri Besar is and Pakatan Rakyat shall resume until the next general election.

All of the opposition political farce is what is reported in the media. In fact, the alliance was never legally registered that it is such a very fragile alliance and at any time it can be revoked and a new name for a new group is created. Whatever it is, DAP shall be the ‘BIG’ brother to decide it.

However, it seems that Azmin is the only PKR leader where DAP has failed to control and unlike PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution who with all his means and wills shall defend DAP as he was granted a position by Guan Eng in Penang. Therefore, there is no other way to teach Azmin a lesson except to condemn and belittle his leadership publicly to the medias as well as in the social media.

DAP has always determined to be seen as Pakatan Harapan “big brother” that all political deals from the opposition, DAP would intervene. Recently, Kit Siang has unashamedly picked Datuk Husam Musa as Kelantan Menteri Besar for Pakatan Harapan if they succeeded to take over the state from PAS. But what does not make any sense is DAP does not even exist in Kelantan but posing as a big brother to determine the direction and future for Kelantan and its people.

Perhaps Big Brother DAP will have to stop their laughter to warn or to pin Azmin down. On the other hand, as they will continue to cry when they have failed to command Azmin to their wishes and thus giving a clean victory to their political rivals in the opposition bloc, namely PAS. Above all, a fact that is unacceptable by Kit Siang and DAP is in every state with the Ruler as the Head, DAP shall fail to conquer.

–  PRU14.tv



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