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It is claimed that the opposition leaders and supporters, especially PKR who are said so keen to criticise Barisan Nasional and UMNO for sweeping their dirt under the carpet as they are boldly practising freedom of speech and prefers to wash their dirty linens in public rather than hide them.

But what happened to Azmin’s leadership in Selangor is totally the opposite. When Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen took his dissatisfaction to the media, Azmin was seen indignant and yet he berated him publicly over a media session too. To Azmin, internal affairs should not be brought to the public knowledge and what more when Wong Chen took it to the media. So which is which now?

As Azmin objects to public criticism on the state’s audit process to ensure transparency and accountability, what is shocking is when his own colleague Wong Chen exposed that the Selangor Mesra Rakyat program was done discriminatingly and that he is among the victims.

Wong Chen also had jeered Azmin and questioned him if he would still sit quietly and ignored when his constituency’s spending budget is cut off without any notice, the auditors neglected any visit to his office to obtain reports and documents but all of a sudden, it was found that his budget was frozen. Will Azmin still speaks the same tune as he has spoken to the media?

If it is true that Azmin did not encourage public criticism among colleagues, he has conveniently forgotten that he has also revealed Wong Chen’s weaknesses to the media. Will it be that he walks the talk and not reply Wong Chen’s publicly but resolved the dispute with state’s officer unobtrusively?

It is such a disgrace when Wong Chen had to expose Azmin’s Selangor-led incompetencies and perhaps irregularities whereby Azmin is seen trying to his best to sweep them under the carpet. Wong Chen has even claimed that all his letters to the state government were not answered. Even so, Wong Chen had recently met Azmin in person and the latter has promised to respond but to no avail, his Kelana Jaya constituency allocations continue to be frozen.

Apparently, Wong Chen’s Kelana Jaya constituency community allocations are dragged on for more than 5 months despite prior to the audit process.

Now can we see how Azmin treats his political rivals even among his fellow PKRs? Either their career will be beheaded or he will turn them into difficulties. It is said that Wong Chen is with Wan Azizah’s team and also a DAP-friendly person. There is no doubt that Azmin will attempt to thwart Wong Cheng’s headway in PKR and the best way is to distress him.

At one point, Wong Cheng is unaware that he has also revealed to us that the opposition Selangor-led government has been using up states money as much as RM250,000 annually for political activities. Therefore it could be true when what has been disclosed over the years with the misappropriation of state finances to accommodate their political purposes.

It seems that freedom of expression in PKR and the opposition blocks are only meant for their high ranking leaders only. They are free to speak and condemn as much as they could but when the grassroots leaders reprimanded and argued, they are told unwaveringly not to wash their dirty linens openly. The media war between Azmin and Wong Cheng is an example at its best. Eventually, who will suffer and feel miserable if not their voters?

To Azmin dan PKR, a friendly reminder to you … Do not talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk!




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