Is Penang state government under the administration of DAP and headed by Lim Guan Eng is heading on the threshold of running out of money when each year DAP never failed to announce surplus balance in the state’s account?

If it is not true, after the increase in water tariffs in a row every year and now DAP plans to charge parking fees on 290 roads which are previously free. Their excuses to raise water tariff is to discipline Penangites from wastages.

But imposing parking charges to most free parking lots in 290 roads, DAP came up with another classic excuse that is to prevent people from taking over these free parking lots. Is this acceptable?

Penang island has been facing with the shortage of parking areas for decades. Instead of coming up with a more conducive plan to ease Penangites dispair, DAP
insisted on charging parking fees on even more roads.

Eventually, who will have to cough up from their pockets and further burden them if not Penangites. Is this how the “CAT” government shown they are concerned to Penangites by squeezing their pockets every now and then?

On the same note, is DAP Penang indicating that the state’s pouch is on the verge of going empty? We also wonder why on earth that Guan Eng is in an urgent haste through a resolution in the state assembly to borrow money from Export-Import Bank of China.

The parking fees will be charged on 290 roads from July 1 from 8 am to 6 pm that most of them are not commercial but in the residential areas. Never happened before when you have to pay your own parking lot within your own house compound.

Only when DAP is in a very desperate situation that they ought to take such absurd measures. With such action to impose parking charges in more roads and squeezing more money from the rakyat, Penangites can’t help but give them the impression that Guan Eng’s administration is truly in a dire financial situation.

However, Penangites should demand what was promised to them before they managed to take over from Barisan Nasional.

If one could still recall what the then Penang DAP secretary Law Heng Kiang declared that if the Rocket came to rule Penang, parking fees would be abolished. What has happened now?


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