Kit Siang is trying real hard to divert from the multi-billions Bank Negara forex losses prevailing at the time of Dr Mahathir as Prime Minister of Malaysia but evidently, he has failed. In fact, he should be very glad when the government has eventually agreed to establish the Royal Commission of Inquiry to reveal the truth.

As he once barked that Dr Mahathir’s misconduct should be investigated and the public must be well informed when involving public taxpayers, there is no reason why Kit Siang has lost focus. Has Kit Siang anything to hide when now Dr Mahathir is his ally?

Kit Siang is now willing to give up his own pride and principles for the sake of his archenemy simply because he is too infatuated to remain in power within the opposition pact as well as in his own party. But without realizing it he exposes himself to his true nature that Malaysians today are well aware of both their past actions.

DAP and Kit Siang can no longer be able to deceive the people that they are holding the trump card in the opposition bloc. It is apparent when they have won the most parliamentary seats than others. Therefore, as the opposition leader, DAP and Kit Siang are absolutely decisive who will they nominate to be prime minister if the opposition wins the next general election.

Make no mistake that eventually, DAP and Kit Siang will call the shot.

In this day and age, the rakyat are aware of the oppositions hidden agendas and in particular Kit Siang’s. As actions speak louder than his words, any statements from him are meant to serve his own desire and can never be trusted or reliable.

Unless and until Kit Siang demands his son, the ‘Penang Official 1’ to step down for his impending corruption case, only then that Malaysians would take his demands and words seriously or he is just barking at the moon.

Guan Eng’s corruption charges are with evidence and so is Dr Mahathir’s wrongdoings in BNM Forex losses. In fact, Kit Siang has written in his articles and conducted a forum to demand the government to disclose the multi-billion losses during Dr Mahathir’s premiership. Today, he questioned the need to establish RCI on the case?

If Kit Siang should be reminded, BNM Forex losses is worth RM42 billion today and has Kit Siang lost concern for his supporters and the rakyat?


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