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To those who are still not aware of The Economist, it is one of Anwar’s international mouthpiece. This England-based and Jewish-owned magazine has always given their support to Anwar on all issues. As of today, the Economist still regards Anwar’s second sodomy conviction as dubious and politically motivated even though he was given ample opportunities to prove his innocence.

It is thus obvious the hugging and handshakes drama in court to show that Anwar has forgiven Dr Mahathir for all his past injustice and persecution towards him, did not last for too long.

When the opposition bloc in Pakatan Harapan began muddled in their scrambling for the top most position between Wan Azizah and Dr Mahathir, Anwar is left with no choice but to barge into the fuss.

This is compounded when Dr Mahathir has expressed his willingness to be appointed as the Prime Minister if Pakatan Harapan wins in GE14.

Apparently, all Anwar’s letters and statements from behind bars are not sufficient enough to stop Dr Mahathir’s political greed.

Hence, the need to hammer Dr Mahathir ought to go beyond the local media coverage and the Economist has begun their propaganda in their latest article titled “Mahathir Mohamad’s return shows the sorry state of Malaysian politics”.

Obviously, The Economist does not favor Dr Mahathir ‘s presence into Pakatan Harapan as it is written as follows;

“What makes all this even tougher to stomach is that Dr Mahathir’s conversion to the opposition’s cause looks disturbingly incomplete. Though he is hobnobbing with former enemies, the old codger still finds it difficult to apologise for the excesses of his tenure” and subsequently blasted with a question if Malaysian’s opposition really finds no more palatable leader.

Despite the fact that the Economist tried to maintain a positive outlook to the cooperation between Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan, but they did not miss to remind their readers of Dr Mahathir’s past tough stance who is well known for governing the nation with his iron fist temper and crafty politics that they can never be eliminated.

The Economist mentioned; “They overlook its crony capitalism and his intolerance for dissent”, “Many of his views remain wacky” and even labeled Dr Mahathir as “a shrewd strategist”.

For the Economist, Dr Mahathir is useful to garner a victory in the coming GE14 and in particular among the rural Malays but there is no reason to offer him the Prime Minister post.

Simultaneously, the Economist is doubtful that the rakyat is convinced the thought of Wan Azizah to warm her jailed husband’s seat as she is not well-functioning as the opposition leader at the moment.




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