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PPBM president, Tan Sri Muhyiddin demands MO1 wife to return jewelry valued at RM128 million to the Malaysian Government after a civil suit by DoJ on 1MDB has started. Obviously, his claims are directed to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s wife and as if a crime was already convicted even though US DoJ is apprehensive to name MO1.

As everyone has understood that even the US DoJ abstained from naming Najib and Rosmah as the plaintive or defendant, it is very clear that Muhyiddin is trying to sow the perception of wild allegations to the people. While DoJ summons is not against 1MDB, in fact, there is no shred of evidence provided to implicate both PM Najib and his wife of any criminal offense. Does it not sound like a recycled script from Muhyiddin?

The issue is filed merely based on a public complaint and in the DOJ statement itself, it does not prove any truth until the US court has confirmed as such. Should the DOJ has a prima facie proof of each indictment, certainly they will make a direct prosecution against the involved offender and confiscate the assets under the US Anti-Money Laundering Act or other relevant laws.

In this civil suit, the party named as the defendant is the Viceroy Hotel Group while the party likely to be inflicted by this suit as written in the 251 pages is Low Taek Szen; JW Hospitality (VHG Intl) Ltd .; FFP (Cayman) Ltd .; Mubadala Development Company PJSC; Viceroy Hotel Group; And Jynwell Capital Ltd.

As after the announcement of the first filing, Muhyiddin once again threw his wild accusations against PM Najib Razak and his wife whereas it was just at the filing process. No hearing or trial has taken place ever since and definitely when there is no trial, therefore no party is proven guilty by the US court.

1MDB has stressed repeatedly that no money is stolen. Even the findings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) also concluded the same. So much so, the approval of arbitral court settlement with IPIC of Abu Dhabi company also proven that the money was used in the business transaction.

Thus far, at present, 1MDB has undergone a rationalization process and successfully settled most of its debt. 1MDB real estate projects such as TRX went smoothly that recently, HSBC’s international bank has agreed to invest RM1 billion. Meanwhile, Bandar Malaysia project has increased in its market value and there are companies that have shown interests into investing RM40 billion in this project.

But what is certain, exactly one year after the scandals between Muhyiddin and Nika Ghee was uncovered that now such claim is demanded to be answered as has been questioned by Mohamed Hafiz Azhar from his Armada Exco. After all, Muhyiddin wishes to portray himself as sanctimonious and clean, supposedly a man of high moral character who has not been involved in any offense during his tenure in government.

Then, Muhyiddin should have the guts and dignity to first declare his family wealth. Stop being hypocritical when everyone knows who he is actually that even Pakatan Harapan leaders have also rejected him.




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