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Both civil suits by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) are to recover assets allegedly siphoned from 1MDB.

It seems that the DoJ’s reputation continues to be a joke to the world as they link the recent allegations against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) which is not based on facts and not proven in court first.

On the part of Malaysia through the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), we have been conducting a thorough investigation and found no evidence of 1MDB misappropriated funds as claimed by the US DoJ.

Those seditious statements of the US DoJ were immediately issued without any basis and strong evidence just to influence the general public and in particular Malaysians who are easily deceived into believing something without being first investigated.

Without even examining its facts, those statements are now manipulated as the main subject for individuals and certain political parties for their personal gains. To be specific, their intentions are to tarnish the nation image and its administration.

Even though the US Department of Justice has the right to file a civil suit, it is paramount for each suit based on facts which can be substantiated and the allegations made need to be proven in court. Hence, Malaysia has given sufficient space for other countries to conduct their investigations in accordance with their legislation.

But Malaysia will never submit to the dictates of other countries and will carry out the investigation in accordance with its own laws.

In fact, it should not be sticking to rhetorics with an unfounded basis for malice intentions. The US DoJ act seems to be motivated or incited by quarters who are envious of our nation’s peace and prosperity enjoyed by the rakyat.

Therefore, with the US DoJ’s kind intention of returning 1MDB’s assets, they should reveal who the real instigators or complainants are who have malicious intent to threaten the country’s administration.

Malaysia deserves the right to know who the complainants are and the US Department of Justice should disclose their identity into verifying if the complainants are associated and involved with the opposition agenda to the coup from the ruling party and damage PM Najib’s leadership who are democratically elected.

Unless and until the US DoJ revealed the instigator or complainant names, Malaysians have every reason not to trust their biased claims as we are more than prepared to face such despicable actions from foreigners.




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