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Ever since Muhyiddin is in the opposition block and teamed up with Pakatan Harapan, he seems to be playing the cards close to his chest. It is thus apparent when Muhyiddin urged that the issue of prime minister candidacy should be discussed behind closed doors rather than in the open. He considers that if the matter is taken to public discussion by PH leaders, then it will raise misunderstandings, confusion and worst still, it will exhibit the opposition is not united.

Hence for that reason, until today Muhyiddin has been quiet and secretive about the exact total of PPBM members across the country or perhaps he is too embarrassed to declare the tiny total members to the public? Lest we forget, Muhyiddin was not secretive at all when he was the number two man in the ruling party Barisan Nasional that he had exposed all ministerial meeting contents to condemn his boss, PM Najib Razak.

During his speech in UMNO KE RIS2314  program held in Janda Baik Pahang, Muhyiddin would barefacedly question about the RM2.6 billion donation and 1MDB issue openly. As Muhyiddin himself was present during the briefing session in the UMNO Supreme Council meeting. On July 27, 2015, during UMNO Cheras division general meeting, Muhyiddin once again publicly criticized PM Najib Razak and 1MDB.

In fact in the cabinet meeting too, Prime Minister Najib Razak had distributed ‘1MDB factsheet’ to ministers to look into the issue. However, at that point
of time, Muhyiddin prefers to read The Edge, WSJ and Sarawak Report. Nor did he take on such a silence or secretive approach as what he has advised Pakatan Harapan now.

For Muhyiddin to instruct Pakatan Harapan leaders to restrain from issuing statements on the PM candidate is a grave mistake. Definitely, Anwar Ibrahim’s people will interpret Muhyiddin’s call as a “vote against” Anwar as the next Prime Minister. No matter what happens, the soon defining moments to decide PH logo, their PM candidate, and what issues to be kept within four walls, will be determined by DAP that Muhyiddin and Dr Mahathir will have no say at all.

Muhyiddin has lost all credibility ever since he team-up with Dr Mahathir to initiate UMNO internal unrest to oust PM Najib from his presidency. When swayed by promises to appoint him as UMNO President and to lead the country, Muhyiddin joined effort in Dr Mahathir’s campaign. As such, this campaign is a total failure.

It is even more embarrassing for Muhyiddin when he is only eligible to be given the Education Minister position that even number two position seems far beyond his dream. Above all, Muhyiddin has lost Dr Mahathir’s trust and confidence to be projected as a Prime Minister material. This is proven when Dr Mahathir himself has offered to be PH’s PM candidate.

If Muhyiddin and Mahathir failed to grasp reality in Pakatan Harapan, they are merely just another passengers in the vehicle. Even the advisory position granted to Dr Mahathir shall be put to rest too. As the proverb that says a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, their political future are diminishing even further when they are losing more than they should gain.





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