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The Malays are well known to be overly sensitive when their religion is found manipulated by anyone and especially if it comes from the politicians. The DAP Hannah Yeoh’s recent disputed published book titled “Becoming Hannah’, could trigger fretfulness among the Malays and hence it is troubling DAP now after an academician from UUM, Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff revealed its suspicious crafty intentions.

As we witnessed response from DAP top leaders and their staunch supporters, they are rebutting Dr Kamarul’s as a gang of wolves attacking their prey but shamelessly, without any factual statements but mere ridiculing to undermine Dr Kamarul’s academic qualifications and degrade Universiti Utama Malaysia’s performance.

In his elaborate explanation titled “Hannah Yeoh DAP greatest example of hypocrisy “, Dr Kamarul does not merely illustrate his views but his claims are based on the federal constitution of Article 3 stated clearly that Islam is the religion of the federation which contradicts Hannah’s contents of the book. Apart from the federal constitution, Dr Kamarul quoted that her book is also contrary to Article XLVIII (1) of the Selangor’s Constitution which states that Islam is the religion of the State.

Among the reasons behind Dr Kamarul rebuttal are;

1. Hannah might have committed an offence under Section 4 (1) (a) of the Control and Restriction (Propagation of Non-Islamic) Selangor 1988 (Enactment No 1/1988) which reads “A person commits an offense if it is to persuade, influence, or inciting another Muslim to be a member of a religious believer or to be inclined to their religion “.

2. In addition, Hannah also may have committed an offence under Section 298 (A) (1) of the Penal Code for (a) to cause or attempting to lead or may cause disharmony, disunity, or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will, or (b) injurious, or attempt to be injurious, or potentially injurious to the preservation of harmony or unity, on the grounds of religion.

Those are the key points in the Dr Kamarul’s commentary on ‘Becoming Hannah’ book. For that, Hannah has initiated a police report against him and followed up with Dr Kamarul who has lodged a police report too. But for the people and especially the Muslims, whether Hannah nor Dr Kamarul is right or wrong, it is up to the police investigations and the law to define them, for both have every right and are eligible to defend their arguments.

Interestingly, if we may still recall how Dr Mahathir is trying to sanctify DAP in his blog article to earnestly illustrates that DAP is not a chauvinist party but as a liberal party that strongly respects and support the federal constitution. Thus, with Dr Kamarul’s detailed description of Hannah’s book, instantly what was said by Dr Mahathir are just lies and deceptions to the Malays and Muslims in our country.

It is so mind-boggling when none of the DAP leaders including Lim Kit Siang had responded with factual or intelligence but prefer their usual low-class answers by questioning Dr Kamarul’s academic eligibility and UUM’s ability as a local university, hence labelling others who hold different opinions from them as racial bigotry.

Unfortunate for DAP when the Malays are disgusted with their answer patterns and the followings are proven;

Segambut MP and Secretary of DAP Federal Territory, Lim Lip Eng –  “Many citizens are worried about the quality of our local university lecturers after Kamarul’s statement”.

Lim Kit Siang – Kamarul Zaman Yusof’s false and malicious police report against Selangor Speaker and DAP Selangor State Assemblywoman for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh, accusing her of proselytization of Muslims with the publication of her autobiography “Becoming Hannah”, raises the question whether he is fit and proper to be a lecturer in plural Malaysia’s public universities.

Teresa Kok – Being a university lecturer, Kamarul’s narrow and extreme way of looking at Yeoh’s book makes one wonder if he is suitable to continue to be an educationist.

DAP Sarawak Chairman, Chong Chieng Jen – “Not only is his bigotry act a shame to a multi-racial country of ours but he, as a lecturer, will influence the minds of the younger generation to be more intolerant towards other religion.”

Thus, where are the DAP leaders’ abilities and the quality of good judgement to challenge Dr Kamarul’s claims? Hannah has also failed to dispute but to cover up her mistakes, she initiated with a police report to demonstrate to the public that she had been slandered.

Not that we did not know DAP has their sets of legal and constitution experts and one of those that DAP is fond of boasting is Aziz Bari. So when it comes to Hannah’s book, it seems that he is muted or has he instantly lost his credential as DAP’s rewarded status? Do not blame the people when they are now starting to realise thus accept that these DAP’s leaders are akin to ‘Tong Kosong’ that their mouth moves faster with low-class comments that even their brains are dysfunctional.

If playing with perception is what DAP is offering us in this issue, this is a doom for them when Dr Kamarul’s arguments are factual. In fact, failing to rebut has proven that DAP is in no way support or respect Article 3 of the Federal Constitution. Such crafty plot to eliminate Islam from the Federal Constitution has once again surfaced after an exclusive coverage to Kassim Ahmad in their new mouthpiece, the Malaysian Insight portal. Dr Mahathir can twine and DAP are capable of deceiving but the Malays and Muslims are not easily fooled to notice their ill-intended movements.

Do not expect DAP’s straightforward answers and truthfulness as they would only look too silly when they are honest.





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