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Whenever 13 May appears in each year, the bloody race insurgency between the Malays and Chinese is remembered in which DAP and Lim Kit Siang were the originators. No matter how insisting Kit Siang to deny them, through his speeches in Sabah, he was instigating to overthrow the government even if they may cause bloodshed.

Looking at the history of DAP political movement, it is synonymous with the ideology of the Communist Party of Malaya (PKM) and North Kalimantan Communist Party (PKKU) that aspire to establish a communist government in Malaya. So is not surprising even though Kit Siang in Sabah when the outbreak of the May 13 incident in 1969 in the Peninsula, it is important to note that he and DAP are in the midst of carrying their campaigns while PKKU was there with them.

Indeed, these political parties or associations worldwide which hinge to communism, their initial intention was to be anti-British. But even after Malaya was granted its independence by the efforts and wisdom of these three major political parties (UMNO, MCA and MIC) in Malaya, but the communist guerrillas still continue their attacks and butchered the people.

Upon the establishment of MCA and subsequently joined Perikatan together with UMNO and MIC, PKM was weakened in Malaya among the Chinese community as they saw that MCA as the party who represents them is able to remove their suffer and poverty which was caused by PKM which hinges violence and warfare. Ironically DAP continued this communist agenda.

With the arrival of May 13, the issue of communism is once again raised but with a different approach. An article from Kadir Jasin, Dr Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali who questioned the cooperation between MCA and the Communist Party of China (CPC). Their intentions are obviously to create doubts among Malaysians, particularly the Malays who are the staunch and loyal supporters of UMNO under PM Najib Razak leadership.

The trio who are now in the opposition bloc that without any doubt led by DAP, they seem desperate to get rid of DAP past and erase the perception that DAP is not a chauvinist party and hence the Malays should be convinced. All at once, Dr Mahathir and his new party’s cooperation with DAP need to be seen as kosher and pure and not a betrayal to the Malays.

Kadir Jasin in his article claimed that MCA has substantial influence in PM Najib Razak’s administration and Dr Mahathir too questioned the need to grant ministerial positions to MCA due to their worst performance in the last two elections. While Perkasa was just adding fire to the charges. Is it true as alleged that MCA since independence has led the communist ideology into their political cooperation with CPC and now is evolving the communist doctrine
to our homeland?

On the other hand without realising it, Kadir Jasin has admitted that the MCA has garnered the confidence of the second largest world economy power that is the Republic of China (ROC). Is the opposition bloc felt threatened when they have DAP but instead ROC prefers to MCA? For all that we already knew, MCA who has been leading the ROC’s One Belt One Road initiatives and successfully took home with hundreds of billions of investments and trade relations.

We also knew that Guan Eng and Azmin are yearnings to leverage from the ROC incentives, and if they don’t, they are just being plain stupid to deny them. Should DAP for Penang and PKR in Selangor are to deal with ROC for this OBOR incentives, will they also be alleged to disseminate communist doctrine?

On the same note, is it wrong if MCA is able to improve the economy of smallholders in which the Republic of China has agreed to double up our pineapples and palm oil imports and this is what the trios meant by spreading communist doctrine? Has MCA exploited their position in Barisan Nasional or have they jointly managed to strengthen BN’s position when DAP’s influence is weakening among the Chinese?

Everything sets off again to Kadir Jasin and Dr Mahathir political stake when they are now inclined to cooperation with DAP. When compared MCA to DAP, the great difference is that MCA is with the government-led party BN who is striving hard to drive the country’s economy to a higher level together with PM Najib Razak.

It is unfortunate for Kadir and Dr Mahathir, who are now stuck with their own retrograde political plot with DAP. In the past, the present and forever, DAP will not be able to detach from May 13 1969, nation’s dark history and the history of PCM’s ferocity.




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