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As expected that PAS Ulama Council to decide to sever ‘political cooperation’ with PKR, unexpectedly it has resulted in affecting certain PKR safe seats in the Federal Territory constituencies. Those compromised seats to PKR will certainly include Nurul Izzah’s Lembah Pantai and Tian Chua’s Batu.

More interestingly, when PAS intends to contest in Segambut that was won by Lim Lip Eng representing DAP. As PAS is looking at where the majority of Muslim voters who once given their support to DAP and PKR, they are not only confident to regain their votes back to see a tough fight against PKR and DAP. It seems that these will be some of the hot seats in Wilayah for the coming general election.

PAS Wilayah has pledged to contest 9 federal territory parliamentary seats in the coming general election, including Bandar Tun Razak (presently is Independent and formerly PKR), Wangsa Maju (PKR) Setiawangsa (BN), Titiwangsa (BN), Putrajaya (BN) and Labuan (BN). In the last 13th general election, PAS did not win any seat in the Federal Territory and the last won by its candidates was the late Dr Lo ‘Lo’ Mohamad Ghazali, who has won the Titiwangsa seat in GE12.

Why is PAS that bold to contest in Lembah Pantai and Batu? Only then did we know that when PAS were in Pakatan Rakyat, those seats traditionally belongs to PAS over the years but were compromised to PKR. However, it is already an open secret that PKR winning factor is not solely depending on their supporters but PAS who had made it happened when all of their staunch supporters have given their votes to PKR.

In the last 13th general election, Nurul Izzah has won for the second time but with a much lesser majority of 1,847 as compared to her majority in GE12 by 2,895 votes. In Batu, Tian Chua has defeated 4 other opponents with a majority of 13,284 votes.

PAS seems so confident to seize Lembah Pantai and Batu parliamentary seat since the Malay voters are in fact PAS members. Similarly, Batu constituency won previously by Tian Chua where the 44 percent Malay voters are the majority from PAS members too. While in Segambut, PAS realised it was never the DAP stronghold but Lim Lip Eng too has garnered support from PAS voters.

Whereas for PKR, which inevitably after the ties are severed with PAS, they are now forced to rely on the support of Dr Mahathir in PPBM. However, as we know that PPBM’s total members are not as what has been portrayed them and even if they had to beg support from PAN, the Malay opposition voters seem more comfortable with PAS.

It appears that PKR and DAP have to taste their own medicine from their own plot. In the beginning, both are too arrogant to PAS as though this second strongest Malay party is as weak as what they would want to perceive but unfortunately, even after PAN is established, PAS remain strong as they are even more united. Only now that they realised when those seconded seats are no more safe.

If PKR and DAP have conveniently forgotten, DAP who started the feud against PAS President Hadi Awang and subsequently Wan Azizah agreed to dissolve Pakatan Harapan. Then later, DAP had syphoned off some of PAS leaders and members to group them in PAN. While PKR has betrayed PAS’s trust during the by-election in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. PKR has sidelined PAS to join DAP’s campaign for their PAN candidates. All of these are the sequence of events that PAS has eventually sever their political ties with PKR.

With this latest announcement, if Nurul Izzah and Tian Chua who are also well known as the parachute candidates and are not the locals, will they dare to push their luck once again in Lembah Pantai and Batu without the support from PAS or perhaps they will flee to another constituency? Should they still remain, then the 3 corner contest will be inevitable but if they pull it to another area, who will be among them to be sacrificed?




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