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If DAP was surprised by the decision of the Speaker and the Sarawak state assembly to strip Dr Ting Tong Choon as elected representative in Pujut, all 30 million Malaysians thousand more times are shocked and even felt betrayed and angered to learn that he is also a citizen of Australia and a registered voter in the country.

As always, DAP will revolve around the bush to create their own assumptions by throwing various accusations against the BN-led Sarawak government. Obviously, in their press conference, DAP accused that Sarawak state assembly action as an assault on the democratic system by playing god with the issue. They seemed determined to defend the constitution to act to sue the Speaker and other BN representatives, particularly Sarawak Finance Minister Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh.

In Sarawak state assembly recently, a motion to remove Dr Ting as Pujut elected representative was tabled and approved through voting by 70 MPs agreeing while 10 others are against. The decision to deprive Dr Ting is with immediate effect for obtaining dual citizenship and was declared bankrupt twice in Australia.

As regulated by Article 24(1) of the Federal Constitution states that the government may deprive a person of his citizenship should he or she acquired a
citizenship in another country. If proven by the government that he has acquired Australian citizenship, this DAP Pujut representative not only he is disqualified as ADUN, he may also be stripped of his Malaysian citizenship.

What DAP has conveniently abstained to explain in depth is Dr Ting’s dual citizenship and why they have allowed such a person to be their candidate. Instead, they condemned the BN-led government in Sarawak for allegedly assaulting the fundamental principle and in whatever way they like to suit their purpose, to oppress the minority decision, but how so?

For all that is obvious Dr Ting never declared to the Election Commission of his dual citizenship status and for sure DAP knew he has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of another country. Shamelessly, Dr Ting put the blame on government’s incentive under the Returning Expert Programme (REP) for professional Malaysians working overseas in Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp).

After immediate officially clarified by Talent that he has never returned to the country through the initiatives and has failed to return the Declaration Arrival Date (Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali – SATK) to prove he was back in Malaysia and has found a job. In addition, Dr Ting also failed to meet other conditions set by the REP Committee in providing a letter of appointment as the medical officer in rural areas and its registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

Only then, Dr Ting admitted that he was not a returnee under Talent Program. What if TalentCorp is not prompt to answer his accusations? With Dr Ting’s
lies and malice accusations could easily lead the rakyat to demonise every BN-led government efforts, thus can cast doubts on TalentCorp.

What is dangerous is actually not in the democratic system in Malaysia and in Sarawak as claimed by DAP but apparently, it is their creed to adopt lies to win the election by allowing their candidate who has no loyalty to their voters and even the nation. Thus, Guan Eng should not pretend to be shocked at the Sarawak Legislative Assembly’s decision but instead, all Malaysians especially the voters in Pujut are thousand times surprised by DAP’s blatant betrayal of their trusts.

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