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What a great hypocrite she is when admitting that the relationship with Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and she are eventually mutual. Admitting to a recent interview with Al Jazeera, Wan Azizah, the entire world knew that the coup against her husband is upon Dr Mahathir’s instruction and moves. However, her hypocrisy is so driven by her personal hidden agenda to retain her husband’s grip on the opposition pact from Dr Mahathir’s influence.

In this interview with Al-Jazeera, Wan Azizah was asked on how desperate the oppositions to readily gang up with the individual who is once their archenemy and the person who is responsible for putting Anwar behind bars. She claimed that to cooperate with Dr Mahathir is never a deal with another devil even though many statements criticising and condemning him were previously issued. Her disclaimer is only a flavouring yet the rakyat is not easily fooled.

To answer Al Jazeera’s question if the oppositions in Pakatan Harapan is desperate, they are indeed in a very severe situation when PAS has concluded to sever political ties with all its members. The worst is when PAS decided to cut all ties with Wan Azizah’s party. Therefore, Wan Azizah left with no other choice but to accept Dr Mahathir and his party PPBM for Malay votes so as to retain their seats in the coming general election.

Among the seats that will be unfavoured for PKR, particularly within the Wilayah parliamentary seats are her daughter’s Nurul Izzah Lembah Pantai constituency and Batu for Tian Chua. Both seats are said to have won for 2 terms with PAS total support. Azmin’s seat too is seen as fragile when it was previously loaned to PKR within PAS stronghold.

Just within a few months ago in May last year, Dr Wan Azizah has warned the opposition leaders to be vigilant against the former prime minister. This is subsequent from Dr Mahathir who for the third time left Umno but now is part of Pakatan Harapan since February which is anchored by Dr Wan Azizah. What is completely obvious is that the oppositions in PH have turned totally dumbstruck for any sweet talks that they themselves have lost faith in them. It is that even the enemy is well accepted and Wan Azizah has proven that the oppositions have failed to stay consistent as an alliance.

Being consistently inconsistent, they would even swallow their own spit without any guilt or feel disgusted that their previous contempt towards Dr Mahathir must be left behind as long as their personal agendas are achieved. It seems that to oust PM Najib Razak and capture Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional is no more meant for the people.

During the interview, Wan Azizah also inadvertently admitted that she is never serious to serve the people but merely contesting on behalf of her husband. Not once but she has done it 3 times up to the ‘Kajang Move’ that had affected Selangor administration until Sultan Selangor was dragged into their crisis. It is nothing surprising when she has not shown the slightest attention to her constituencies in Permatang Pauh and Kajang when her main intention is just to warm-up seats for her jailed husband.

Wan Azizah who still puts high hopes that her prisoned husband will be back to the political arena soon and shall always remain as the eligible Prime Minister choice for Pakatan Harapan. Yet, this is clearly against Dr Mahathir’s wishes and she has denied his dream for Mukhriz. If we need to be reminded that Anwar’s jailed term will only end in 2018 and he will have to undergo a period of dependency for the next five years until 2023 in which Anwar will then be 76 years old.

If it happens that BN is defeated, expect Wan Azizah to be appointed as the Prime Minister but on a temporary basis. Worst still when as long as Anwar is behind bars, she will be remote controlled and all the country’s affairs will be administered from a dungeon. The question is, whether Lim Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir will agree and keep silent to her wishes?




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