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We have often heard that corruption could collapse a nation. It has been too many instances in the world when corruption is rampant, the country will definitely face backwards developments that its people will always be in disarray as its leaders are involved in power abuse and corruptions. Lately, we are often presented with news of arrest among top guns in the civil departments that in certain cases involved the head of state such as Lim Guan Eng, in which corruption and abuse of power know no rank, political affiliation and ethnicity.

Previously, the MACC has been running a campaign against corruption and bribery to give an understanding to the ministries, state governments, non-governmental organisations, GLCs and sports bodies in their “Corruption Free Pledge”. All of it is to create awareness, that they are at the frontline susceptible to the practice of bribery and abuse of power that it should be avoided.

Now that the public is approached and urged to come forward and working together with MACC thus change the thinking, attitude and opinions in combating corruption and make it as their number one enemy. Hence, MACC is taking its fight to the ground with their 2,000 personnel nationwide in the latest campaign called the GERAH or Anti-Corruption Revolution Movement.

With its catchy theme of 3J – Do not Give, Do not Kawtim, Do not Settle, this campaign will be on the ground on every first Monday of every month to meet the people and they can be reached at selected locations including airports and railway stations.

MACC aspires to reach out to the community to come forward boldly and put faith in them when there is the need to lodge reports and an assurance that stern actions will be taken to those involved. Not only that, the MACC also urged the general public to regard them as friends and family members reliable of their trust without fear to say no to corruption and power abuse.

On the same note, leaders ought to play a key role in shaping a society with ethics and not involved with corruption and abuse of power. It should be the expectations of society who grants them with responsibility and trust to safeguard their interests and well-being. Therefore, it is an obligation to ensure the responsibility and trust to be carried out with integrity and refrain from any forms of corruption and abuse of power.

Political parties and their leaders are prone as prey and predator for corruption and abuse of power. To prevent this, awareness among its members and leaders is crucial that they must be strong supporters of the MACC’s Anti-Corruption Revolutionary Movement launched recently. Hence, they should also be the prime initiator to make ‘corruption as the scourge of the nation’ and together with the MACC in every effort to clean up Malaysia from elements of corruption and abuse of power.




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