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All Malaysians, mainly Muslims are shocked when the MACC announced the arrest of senior management, including their CEO of Zakat Pulau Pinang (ZPP) a few days ago on receiving bribes for frequent works contracts and projects. They are said to have received of valuables, cash and cheques from several contractors and suppliers.

Never in the history, ZPP have such shameful act but under the DAP-led and their Chief Minister is Kit Siang’s son – Lim Guan Eng, even the Islamic Institution is filled with corrupt staff and managers. ZPP is under the supervision of the Penang Islamic Religious Council where Salleh Man, the sole PAS assemblyman and perhaps now a PAN, is the Chairman while the Exco responsible for ZPP is Malik Kassim of PKR.

In his desperate attempt to cover up their wrongdoings, Malik Kassim the Penang Islamic Religious Exco who is responsible for ZPP in his statement said that there is no zakat fund found misused by their appointed independent audit that was carried out in 2015. But, there is this one question for Malik Kasim. The money obtained from ZPP contractors and is said to have been divided among four officers who were arrested by the MACC, is not that it stems from the ZPP?

Only no brainer Excos in DAP-led Penang government can come out with such illogical conclusion and statement.

Although officially requested for quotations or tenders are made public, manipulation to inflate price can happen and it will not be detected by any independent professional auditors if all documentations are complete. Malik Man’s clarification is just the old trick to curtain his boss Guan Eng’s administrative weaknesses.

Salleh Man as the Chairman should be responsible for the irregularities that occurred during which he is supervising them. Similarly, Malek Kasim (PKR-Batu Maung) as the Executive Council of Islamic Affairs ought to be responsible for what is happening. All of whom are part of the Penang DAP CAT (Competency, Accountable, Transparent) policy. They should be accountable and not giving excuses.

It is even cornier when PKR Communications Director Fahmi Fadzil claimed on his Twitter that the ZPP CEO is an Umno member. If DAP without delay would terminate PAS members from their led government, hence what is his logic to retain an UMNO member for the CEO position in their agencies? Not to mention that UMNO members will be given the opportunity to hold high positions, but contractors who have links with UMNO are either banned or sidelined for any states projects.

But as it is prevalent among political communities in Penang, one of seven contractors arrested by the MACC is a PPBM top leader in Penang. Do not be taken by surprise if even the Penang Mufti who strongly condemned the GST implementation, have also received kickbacks from these corrupt contractors.

These are the consequences when power is granted to DAP that a zakat institution which was set up to help the poor but has been made havens for corrupt officers. It is not only a legal offence but DAP has succeeded in humiliating the Muslims and Malays in Penang that is subjugated by greed.

All of whom have turned to be Guan Eng’s lackeys until Islamic affairs in Penang are intervened, determining lists for almsgiving and pacified with his provisions that even the Penang Mufti is more than willing to blindly pass a sentence on GST as haram which is already agreed in the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Malaysia Islamic Religious Affairs.

If anyone still is not discerned to it, DAP in their crafty attempts to destroy Islam and the Malays in Penang are already successful!

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