New Gen Legitimate President Kumaar Raps Bogus Leader Ezam

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New Generation Party (New Gen Party) party president G. Kumaar Amman has taken Ezam Mohd Noor to task for using his illegitimate capacity as the ‘chairman’ of the party to issue statements against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

He said as a bogus leader, Ezam had no right to use New Gen to attack Najib, questioning the righteousness of the former PKR leader to steal and use a party to enhance own selfish political agenda.

“Wrongful means will not justify whatever noble ends one has.

“His recent comments on Facebook against the prime minister reflected badly on his political maturity.

“It seems once Ezam changed his political shirt, he had also changed his political motto,” said Kumaar, referring to Ezam’s recent criticisms against Najib.

Kumaar pointed out that New Gen had stood firmly behind Najib and Barisan Nasional, and had criticised Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali over his mismanagement of the state government that had caused instability.

Thus, he said Ezam should stop trying to defend Azmin and criticise Najib with malicious lies.

“Ezam acts like an ungrateful dog that bit the feeding hands.”



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