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In a recent article, Dr Mahathir dedicated a special article to praise DAP and he started with, “Much has been said about DAP …”. Instead, it will be more appropriate if it is written as “Much has been said about DAP by me (Dr Mahathir) about DAP for more than 40 years…”, just to refresh Malaysians on how convenient he contradicts himself.

Hence, if this article would be a gratification for DAP as they are granted special kudos from Dr Mahathir, in actual it is an insult. For those who follows his writings, any issues that are of his main interests, it will rarely end up in just 12 paragraphs as it is obvious that he is in his apathy. In fact, his focus on DAP was quite brief and nothing refreshing but more of a repeated broken record statements.

The attempt to compare MCA and DAP by questioning on why UMNO did not rule out MCA when there are only Chinese as their members but they are hostile towards DAP, is this not an evident that he has been lying to Malaysians for more than 4 decades?

Has Dr Mahathir lacked in his intellectual reasoning to distinguish between racist and race or chauvinistic and a nationalist political party? Indeed, MCA is a race-based party but definitely, they are never racists as compared to DAP. Even since its inception, DAP is against the Malay Rulers and their continual disrespectful can never be concealed that today they would even oppose in the daylight. So how could Dr Mahathir claim that DAP is loyal to the Rulers?

If it is so true as written by Dr Mahathir, that DAP and the crumbling new opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan respect the constitution, admit and support the Institution of the Malay Rulers, the Malay and Bumiputera Privileges, Malay as the national language and Malaysia’s federal religion is Islam, the question to be answered is whether he has the guts to urge DAP to eliminate their “Malaysian Malaysia” struggle.

Unless and until ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ is put to an end in total, only then can his words are verifiable and DAP will be able to garner support from the Malays.

MCA’s bilateral relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also disputed. When Dr Mahathir was the UMNO President for 22 years, did he not make any attempt to approach CCP? But unfortunately, he has failed to yield favourable investments and his visits to the Republic of China was merely based on connecting relations that was initiated by PM Najib’s late father who was the second Prime Minister.

If we still recall the MH370 tragedy where much tension raised between the people of China and Malaysia. Apparently, behind this strain is DAP’s incitements whereas it is MCA who has restored their confidence on behalf of the government. As we can witness today, MCA has rebuilt the bridge for trade confidence. Eventually, Malaysia is appointed as ASEAN’s sole representative for the One Belt One Road initiative of China.

Ask ourselves, should Dr Mahathir destroy this effort?

Is Dr Mahathir embittered when DAP failed to incite the Republic of  China people while MCA has succeeded in strengthening trade relations with the second largest economic power in the world? If UMNO should condemn MCA for entrusted by CPC, then Dr Mahathir should also criticise those countries of the world including the Arabs and the United States to befriend them.

Dr Mahathir and DAP knew it shall be such a great loss if Malaysia would miss the golden trade opportunity with the Republic of China. That is the very reason why Guan Eng and DAP has hushedly visited its ambassador despite all the brouhaha about their investments in the country. Is UMNO and MCA to be blamed when Penang is not chosen as Republic of China’s port, instead they prefer Melaka and Kuantan? In fairness, Dr Mahathir should be asking, what went wrong with Guan Eng and DAP in Penang.

Although Dr Mahathir strived absurdly hard to promote Kit Siang and DAP as saints and darlings to the Malays, they remain the devil in disguised. Are Malaysians too ignorant to know that Dr Mahathir is too desperate to save himself as Kit Siang will testify his BNM Forex scandal at any time sooner? Concurrently, we will not be surprised if Kit Siang would be lying for Dr Mahathir too.

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