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Strange but true, and it is happening now to the DAP and as though they are also affected when PAS recently severed their ties with PKR and rejects cooperation with PPBM, Guan Eng seems to be jumpy. Why should Guan Eng be jumpy when it was not PAS who initiated to dissolve Pakatan Rakyat but instead it was his daddy’s doing?

Once again, why would DAP felt the heat too? It’s simple! In no way that DAP could control and manipulate the two Malay giant party, UMNO and PAS anymore. UMNO has the most Malay members and PAS comes second. When these two giant parties denounced DAP as the enemy to Malays and Islam, can we imagine how DAP would explain to their 90% Chinese voters who have supported them in the last two general elections that they for the third time fails in their ‘Road to Putrajaya’ campaign? This also proves that the Chinese have been given false hopes ceaselessly.

When PAS strategist Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki claimed that Pakatan Harapan is worse than BN, Guan Eng is the first to respond to point that PAS was once against GST and now they seems to agree to BN’s policies. But what Guan Eng has conveniently forgotten that when DAP agrees to campaign for hudud during their courtship in Pakatan Rakyat, what difference when PAS changed their course to agree to GST?

More significantly when DAP has accepted their archenemy for decades, Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin, and is this not their worst flip-flop? With just a
handshake, all their decades of opposes, criticisms and those abusive words for Dr Mahathir meant nothing but proven as just a political farce to deceive
the Chinese.

Any man on the street would agree to say how messy is Pakatan Harapan today under DAP’s controls but it is not for the first time when Pakatan Rakyat is dissolved, it was due to DAP’s insistence. For the opposition pact to emulate BN is far from reach when even though UMNO has the majority, BN is based on consensus in its true sense.

At a time when DAP aggressively campaigned that other component parties in BN are regarded as UMNO dogs, and in particular MCA or Gerakan, they are too eager to impose the same to either PR or PH. DAP wishes too hard to be the master to the Malays in the opposition bloc but apparently mistaken when they move to evict PAS from PR and imported PAN and PPBM into PH.

PAN is a splinter for PAS while PPBM is from UMNO but these two new parties are still regarded just a small fraction. Both PAN and PPBM failed to attract en masse members from UMNO and PAS respectively, what more to draw support from non-partisans. This can be witnessed during UMNO and PAS assembly when a sea of reds and greens have shown their loyalties and support to the party and their president.

Pakatan Harapan has shown to the public how disunited they are during recent Sarawak election and not impossible it will be repeated during GE14 when they have not concluded allocations of seats with PAN and PPBM. For DAP and PKR, definitely they are inclined to retain their safe seats but it is between PAN and PPBM, who will have to beg and are DAP or PKR willing to sacrifice?

Enough said, DAP has every reason to be agitated and fearful once PAS concluded to sever ties with PKR and PPBM. Not only they are proven to deceive their 90% Chinese voters for failing to oust BN for numerous times, probably they will have to sacrifice some of their safe seats to PKR, PAN and PPBM too that in the future, their significance in the opposition bloc will be minor.

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