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Often too many times when UMNO and BN component parties’ members and leaders are asked why they are convinced in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership that they are too obdurate to be swayed by the anti-Najib team led by Dr Mahathir and Kit Siang. Is it true that they are rewarded as are often accused of or what exactly?

Quoting Umno Information Chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa, who shared his views of the party President, he has started the first paragraph as … “now that everything has paid off and people are enjoying it because of the Prime Minister DS Najib’s approach who is patience and has been very focused on managing all national affairs in a prudent and wise manner”.

Ultimately, the opposition attempts to adopt the strategy of defamation, campaigns of despising and intimidate people with their fictitious stories and claims, they have failed and doubted thus, they are now rebuffed.

If there are those who are still doubtful on the country’s economic that it is even much more stable now, just look at the world recognition that placed Malaysia as “THE BEST PERFORMING ASIAN CURRENCY” since the beginning of the year when the currency is strengthened more than 3%. The Economy Transformation plan imposed by PM Najib Razak not only has given a positive impact, even now they have produced excellent results.

Tan Sri Annuar Musa is not just praising his boss for the sake of doing so, but it is undeniable when PM Najib is seen focused and committed to the implementation of GST in the efforts to transform the country’s tax system to inflate the revenue base. Malaysia is placed as a state in an excellent category and ratings, continuously maintained its trade centre and healthy investment level in the international trade.

In facing all lies and deceptions, false accusations and numerous rumours about 1MDB and associated to PM Najib, Tan Sri Annuar viewed that it is due to his boss’s patience and composure that matters now are resolved. When PAC regarded 1MDB as a wrong ‘business model’, PM Najib took full responsibility to improve them through a rationalisation plan to settle its debts without affecting the government financial status.

PM Najib is not only a focused person on resolving a crisis, but he is also a tranquilise and diplomatic leader in international affairs that relations with the United States, China, EEU, Saudi Arabia and India continue to strengthen and respected under “NAJIBLOMATIC”.

UMNO has already surpassed its critical conflict phase that was precipitated by Dr Mahathir and his team. Tan Sri Annuar viewed that it was resolved by the party President’s wisdom on emphasising the  ‘wasatiyyah’ attitude. It is not only successful for UMNO but other component parties of BN comprises of multi-racial have placed their undivided confidence in PM Najib as BN President. In fact, UMNO and BN are even stronger together.

In short, to Tan Sri Annuar who heads UMNO publicity wing, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership of him being steadfast and committed, his ‘wasatiyyah’ approach and his ability to mobilise all his past experience during the previous leadership is likened as an antidote and a magical gemstone in a glass of water. Therefore, the rakyat deserves the best national leader of the people, by the people and for the people as well.

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