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Apparently, the latest developments in Pakatan Harapan’s youngest party, PPBM indicating that its President Muhyiddin Yassin political expectancy will not last for any longer that it will soon be a reality. All at once, this is allowing rumours that Dr Mahahtir has every intention for his son to fill in the presidency seat and Muhyiddin is just treated as his window dressing.

It is already an open secret that Muhyiddin Yassin is made the attack target within PPBM when almost all of their internal problems that were supposed to be addressed by him but instead behind the scene, Dr Mahathir is pulling the strings that eventually they are forced to Muhyiddin to take the blame.

When Negeri Sembilan members left the party en masse that almost paralysed the states PPBM, Muhyiddin was blamed for failing to command its members. He is said to be practising favouritism and will only entertain selectively and in particular those closest to him.

Muhyiddin is seen not to be serious about strengthening the party whereby he is supposed to outreach to the civil servants and as though it is Dr Mahathir who is running solo to create the ‘Tsunami Melayu’ or Malay tsunami for the coming general election.

For more than four decades, Muhyiddin was with the government-led party UMNO with various ministerial positions and the latest as the second most powerful man in Malaysia and UMNO. For someone who is so used to be given with the VVIP class treatments, he is seen to be demanding the same from PPBM with red carpets and others.

So much so, certain of his decisions are now questioned. Among them, when Dr Mahathir has made it clear to revoke all negotiations with PAS and there should be no collaboration with PBBM, on the other hand, Muhyiddin is said to be determined to proceed cooperation with PAS Johor, Terengganu and Kedah.

To the extent, the members started questioning the letter of appointment granted, whereby only Muhyiddin’s signature appeared and their most regarded supreme leader Dr Mahathir was ignored. To the members, Dr Mahathir will always have the final say and not the President.

Besides, his strategy to ‘hijack’ UMNO dropouts from the last general election contradicts with Dr Mahathir who prefers those from UMNO candidates who only gained a slight majority to crossover. As such, with Dr Mahathir’s strategy, less money would be spent during the campaign. To Muhyiddin’s detractors within the party, his strategy will end up with incompetent candidates only.

Further, Muhyiddin Yassin is also blamed and asked not to campaign among teachers for his previous poor records as the minister is still intact. During his tenure, he is responsible for causing outrage among teachers when they are burdened with unreasonable workloads.

Before it could backfire, Muhyiddin is demanded to distance from them. Lest they forget that Muhyiddin is also associated with BestariNet failure which also incurred a great amount of money.

By allowing all the strife and trouble in PPMB and placed to Muhyiddin’s shoulder, this is actually how Dr Mahathir wanted to eliminate Muhyiddin and replace his son Mukhriz to helm the party. To no surprise that talks started to linger among PAS leaders, Muhyiddin might eventually join them.




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