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Never before ever since PAS began their political collaboration or ‘tahaluf siyasi’ with other opposition friends that PKR who has been their most compromising partner in the opposition bloc, is their main criticism for their annual conference. Flippant comments to insult their clerics from PKR Chief Minister Selangor Azmin Ali, has heated up the existing strained relations with PAS after the Sungai Besar by-election where PKR chose to campaign for PAN instead PAS.

Azmin is PKR’s Deputy President and the second most powerful man next to their prisoner de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, had since been mutual with Dr Mahathir who is fond of cynicism and mockery statements against PAS, apparently swayed by him. In severing ties with PAS in Pakatan Rakyat, Wan Azizah as PKR’s president, she is very prudent and cautious choosing her words so as not to offend any PAS leaders.

Azmin and PKR will have to pay a very high price when the onset pressure from PAS grassroots throughout the nation insisted on severing ties will put through the motion during their conference. Now, the first round is approved when PAS Ulama Council agreed to take on the motion but subject to the decision of the Shura Council.

It is even more severe for Azmin and PKR when the motion was unanimously approved by the delegates. Azmin may not be the sole reason why PAS should seriously consider severing ties with the party, but he certainly has reinforced all lines of reasons when his latest blunder insulting their clergies and in particular their president Hadi Awang.

On the same note, PAS also will have to face the consequences that once the ties to sever with Pakatan Rakyat Selangor is decided, they will be in the opposition bloc. But literally, Azmin is the most unfortunate and affected. With the present Selangor state assembly seats where out of 56 seats, DAP (14), PKR (13), PAS (13), BN (12), PAN (2) and Independent (2), Azmin will be facing an almost equal strength with the opposition if PAS decided to be with the opposition bloc. Hence, Azmin will have no choice but to kowtow to DAP.

The impact on PAS’s decision to sever ties with PKR will not only stop on this day as they will be dragged up to GE14 when only DAP, PAS and UMNO are the stronger parties to secure seats compared to PKR. PKR and PAN have to rely on the Malay votes and if this ‘tahluf siyasi’ between PKR and PAS is revoked, subsequently the two parties will face a drastic shift of public support among the Malays due to their stance favouring DAP and sidelining PAS.

Rest assured that not only Azmin’s position is on the brink, PKR too will be victimised that not only their states seats will be gone but the Menteri Besar seat too will be confiscated from them.




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