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After “HELL WITH PAN” by Kedah Head of ulama, PAS annual assembly is heated up with a snapping question to PPBM by Hadi Awang, to determine who is their actual party boss between Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin. For that, to PAS President Hadi Awang, it answers why PPBM political cooperation or ‘tahluf siasi’ ought to be distanced and probably totally rejected.Indeed, what was put forward by Abdul Hadi to PPBM members is spot on. How could a vessel helm by two admirals to brave the ocean?

Although the appropriate ruling is held by the president which is given to Muhyiddin Yassin, but that does not seem to happen in PPBM when the President position is just a smokescreen and dysfunctional. Instead, all decisions and policies of the party are based on the Chairman Dr Mahathir’s dictates and liking. Even in some cases, the Deputy President held by Mukhriz Mahathir, they are far more superior than the President.

Just a few nights ago, Muhyiddin was made into their punching bag to unleash frustrations after various efforts to oust PM Najib failed terribly. What was anticipated to be easily accomplished, it backfired that apparently, their target is standing much taller and stronger but instead Dr Mahathir is severely stripped naked.

Their frustrations are increasingly obvious that in every Mukhriz’s ceramah, he has only his successor Ahmad Bashah to joke on. His usual rant to belittle Ahmad Bashah as a kampung guy who is ineligible to hold the reins of the state but portraying himself as someone with an overseas education background and of course, he is someone with loads of money.

The truth is, his resignation and replaced by Ahmad Bashah was a bruise to his ego and it is further torn apart when during his 3 years as Kedah Chief Minister, Mukhriz could not resolve any local problems and in particular those in the villages. Whereas, only within a few months, Ahmad Basha has proven that what is described as ‘orang kampung’, he successfully completed Mukhriz’s unfulfilled promises and abandoned jobs.

The decision not to cooperate with PPBM have now concluded when earlier PAS has stated their excuses. PAS is firmed with their obvious reasons that they have guidelines that any interested party ought to respect and adhere to reject cooperation linked to DAP and PAN. However, Dr Mahathir has given a bit of leeway to continue the discussions when another month is given since February.

But PAS decision to reject cooperation with PPBM has given a more startling excuse and has since the past one month realised that PPBM’s political direction is none other than to oust PM Najib only. Worst still when even before the war has begun, this young party is headed by 2 bosses in which it will be disastrous in the future. It seems there is no certainty when on one end Dr Mahathir dictates and the other side Muhyidddin will contradict.

As many would perceive that the question raised by Hadi Awang is on-target, everyone including those in Pakatan Harapan should also have the same thought. PPBM is not what they wish to be portrayed as ‘Bersatu’ or united but the fact is they are otherwise.

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