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Earlier it was Dr Mahathir and now Nurul Izzah agrees that the Goods and Service Tax (GST) imposed by the government in 2015 must be retained but to show a bit of disagreement, both these two U-Turn oppositions prefers that the rate would be revised if only the opposition pact Pakatan Harapan is able to replace Barisan Nasional in the coming GE14.

As for Dr Mahatir, he has no choice but to agree since his close buddy Daim Zainuddin has made it clear that GST is PM Najib’s correct move to generate revenue for the government and the statement was done in Kadir Jasin’s presence who was seen stunned in front of journos. As for Nurul Izzah, her daddy Anwar Ibrahim was directly involved when GST was first mooted during Dr Mahathir’s years but the tax was never imposed.

Besides these two opposition figures agreed to GST and a U-turn by them, there are other policies that PM Najib has implemented that the oppositions have eventually agreed such as BR1M and transformations of public transport. As rationalised by PM Najib, his policies are never meant to burden the rakyat but in the end, it is targeted for lower-income groups that will benefit the most.

GST is acceptable from over 140 countries all over the world before Malaysia and has proven to be an essential revenue to the country hence the oppositions prefer to turn them into their political rhetoric but without any alternatives to contribute to the nation’s income.

As everyone can see that U-turns by the oppositions are beginning to be a norm practice for them as they have proven failed to challenge any government’s policies. The best that they could do is to condemn and twist ministers statements or perhaps with their usual antics, they will drag rakyat to street demonstrations.

The opposition’s previous campaigns are based on hopes and are hopeful to change the government. Therefore, promises after promises for the rakyat and if possible everything done by BN government should be changed. As we witnessed, after DAP conquered Penang and PKR took over Selangor, neither has improved the states’ GDPs and worst still when not a single development that their voters could benefit and what more if they should be proud of.

Failing to generate income for Penang, that is the reason Guan Eng starts selling states assets and land. His recent strategy, states water tariff will be increased for the fourth time but cunningly, DAP put the blame to their rakyat over wastages. As for Azmin who is leading the richest states in Malaysia and yet Selangor people are facing frequent water disruptions.

It is easy said and throwing empty promises than done. As long as they are popular and for easy listening, the oppositions deliberately ignored reality.

GST has contributed at least 50 billion annually. If the country’s total budget is RM260 billion every year and minus the 50 billion from GST, not only certain development projects will have to be on hold, the government will definitely face difficulties to pay civil servants salaries and allowances. Should GST is abolished as determined by Pakatan Harapan, what will be their replacement?

Even so, both Dr Mahathir and Nurul Izzah contradicts their own statements. Recently, she agreed to retain GST but with zero tax. So what is the point of retaining a tax policy and yet you will not gain any income from them? Whereas Dr Mahathir too agreed that GST must not be abolished and when the government might face certain difficulties in their expenses, therefore corporate tax too should be increased instead.

So which is which now? First agreed but later countered disagreeing with zero tax and replace by increasing corporate tax? Not only that their voters are confused, it seems that they themselves have no idea of what they are saying.

These opposition leaders can be very popular by just saying that they insist on abolishing GST but the fact that they are afraid to admit that they are deceiving the rakyat since they will not be able to withstand any development without GST. How much further will the oppositions keep toying the rakyat’s intellectual level?

Learn from what DAP has done for Penangites and PKR did in Selangor. Not only they failed to better than BN states government, worst still when they could not afford to sustain what was provided by previous BN government. Make no mistake that Selangor and Penang are the actual failed states.




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