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When Anwar Ibrahim made an official statement that he has chosen to cooperate with government appointed Forex Special Task Force team, is he once again declaring war against Dr Mahathir? Despite he was portrayed to the public to have forgiven his former boss and as though a political collaboration is initiated to challenge PM Najib, Anwar has willingly come forward to share information on his 7 years as the Finance Minister for the Forex trading multi-billion loss.

In his official statement, he did not deny that the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) involvement in international currency trading is extremely alarming since 1989 as disclosed by the then Treasury Secretary Tan Sri Zain Abidin who were informed by the US Treasury (the Fed); Bank of England and the IMF. On the other hand, Tan Sri Jaafar Hussein who was the Governer denied BNM’s critical position but considered that the trading is legitimate to safeguard the ringgit in the market.

As the foreign medias and Zurich market started to produce reports on the great loss, Governer Tan Sri Jaafar still stick to his previous explanations and the person in charged was Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop. But when BNM 1991 initial audit draft was presented and the Treasury expressed their concerns, Tan Sri Jaafar seems to have no choice but to admit that the total amount involved is even much greater than expected. Anwar claimed that it was the Governor who regarded it as ‘paper losses’ to media.

Anwar claimed that he has instructed BNM to stop the Forex trading activities but it remain continued as though there is a blessing from the upper hand to proceed. By 1993, an estimated of RM9 to RM10 billion loss were traced. Tan Sri Jaafar revealed that all BNM forex trading transactions were solely handled by Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and he was not given the actual figures.

Tan Sri Jaafar relinquished his position and replaced by Tan Sri Ahmad Don when the trading was put to stop but the government had to start to repay the losses for about RM500 million annually. Above all, Anwar agrees that losses are between 15 to 30 billion.

As BNM is also under the purview of Prime Minister Department, even though Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop was said to be the Managing Director in the trading, who are those at the upper-hands who will give the blessing to him to deny Anwar’s instructions other than Dr Mahathir? Even so, it is said that Daim Zainuddin is also responsible for this huge losses but how far these claims are true, it is yet to be heard from others in the testify lists.

Anwar did not blame Dr Mahathir or Daim as according to his statement but at the same time, he agrees to appear before the investigation. He also agreed that the loss is huge. Even though he knew that Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop was fully responsible but no action against him even during his office as the Finance Minister. Therefore, upon whose instructions that Anwar kept mum?

If this is how Anwar would initiate his second wave attack against his former boss, the BNM Forex billion losses investigation would be his best platform. Lest Anwar should forget that Dr Mahathir’s resentment and anger against him is never dead. This is evident when he consistently treats him as an immoral person to qualify to replace him to the top. It was not Najib who put him behind bars in Sg Buloh prison but his former boss, Dr Mahathir.




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