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If we can still recall Prime Minister Najib’s pledge that no one would be left behind in the nation’s mainstream development, only under the Barisan Nasional government and his leadership, the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) are established.Perhaps many may not know that since independence there has been no specific action plan drawn by the government to develop the Indian community standards of living and even if there is any it was never at the government level but only from MIC alone.

The nation’s history is now marked when PM Najib Razak launched the first blueprint for Indian community which is officially documented. It is the BN government that has drawn up and implemented them and explicitly, it is thus the commitment and determination of the present federal ruling party BN to enhance the standard of living for the Indians in the country.

A matter of fact, the journey to improve the Indians socio-economic was initiated since 2009 by PM Najib Razak when realising many successes has been achieved and the government is convinced that every effort is put together and documented.

MIB is a feasible and achievable designed realistic plan for the Indian community to move forward and in particular in assisting the B40s. It was never meant to be rhetorical and has no bearing on the coming general election when the process has begun since May 2015.

Several initiatives specifically tailored to upgrade the Indians socio-economic which comprises of an allocation of RM500 million to fund share schemes under the Permodalan Nasional Berhad, particularly for the B40 groups, increase the enrollment of Indian students to at least 7 percent in public higher education institutions such as universities, colleges and polytechnics.

In line with their sacrifice and contributions to the country over the years, a special approval system will be implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to grant citizenship to those who have been living or were born in Malaya before 1957.

MIB is developed based on four main pillars to help young people to be given an optimum chance in education; economic empowerment; greater attention to welfare and social foundation of the Indian society; and focuses on the aspects of identity such as culture, religion and so forth.

The process and its implementation will be monitored by a Special Cabinet Committee Society of India (CCIC), chaired by the Prime Minister whereas the Committee Action Plan is chaired by Dr Subramaniam.

Should there be certain quarters who denounced that this action plan is merely a political rhetoric, not only that it is another cynical and desperate provocation but in reality, they have failed to fight in the true sense for the plight of the Indian community and their future. The oppositions are all about talks and even if they talk, they have been proven over the years, they failed to walk the talk for the Indian community in particular.




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