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It can no longer be concealed that Azmin Ali is forced to hinge on Selangor PAS full support to ensure his Menteri Besar position remains untouchable and not tabooed by anyone, especially Rafizi. What is obvious, without PAS Selangor, his political career is nearing to its finishing.When PAS national leaders are being obstinate and the Selangor states Youth Council members are insistence not to back YB Iskandar Samad’s collaboration with PKR, it is thus an indication that a major change will take place in Selangor in the coming GE14. These are all due to PKR’s boastful and arrogant remarks to claim that they no longer need PAS existence and it seems that they are digging own grave.

Azmin who felt challenged and was rather abrupt in his response towards Nik Abduh’s remark that PAS Selangor will seize the state has certainly turned the two parties relationship gone increasingly tenuous. Added with Rafizi’s plot to propagate hostility between PKR and PAS, Azmin became more restless.

Be very definite that PAS will decide to cut off any cooperation or what PAS used to call it as “tahaluf siyasi” with the PKR will end at no time.

What is not known to many is that PKR has never been and is not capable of standing alone. Ever since the beginning when PKR was established in 1999, PAS was their main backup to gain support and assistance. If without PAS helping them and solely depending on Anwar Ibrahim’s popularity as their main political feed, PKR will not be as what they are today. While DAP only appeared later after all the hardships were settled by PAS for PKR including at the expense to sacrifice PAS’s traditional DUN and parliamentary seats.

For that, since PAS annual assembly is just around the corner, there are rumours going around that in order for Iskandar Samad to retain his position as the Vice-President, not only a campaign is aggressively set up but they came along with kickbacks of a total of RM500,000 to finance the movement. Whoever the financiers are, they should be from someone who needs Iskandar Samad to go against any attempt to cut off ties with PKR and it is also said that the dough may increase at the last moment before PAS election.

It will not only be money offered and the usual sponsorship for their meeting accommodations, meals and pocket money but when it comes to Selangor, these pro-Iskandar are promised positions in Local Authorities and in addition, they will also be rewarded projects and contracts from these local agencies.

The only hurdle Iskandar may have to face is he is challenged by a young prominent leader from PAS Central, Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi. Nasruddin is seen to be the President’s man and was their youth wing leader. A possible reason by Iskandar’s lobbyists for not selecting Iskandar may be that he is still too young for the position and more opportunities are waiting ahead.

How important PAS is to the opposition bloc can no longer be denied by DAP and PKR and in particular Azmin. It will be extremely regrettable if PAS is easily bought after they are treated with contempt and humiliated in public by those who were once rescued.

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