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Since 2010 the DAP-led Penang government has introduced water-saving campaign to encourage less water consumption and thereby Penangites are fined at an increase of 24 sen per 1,000 litres for more than 35,000 litres per month.When Guan Eng and his administration failed to educate Penangites for the thrifty of water usage and there are no efforts to show any improvements to decrease water consumption per capita, once again in 2013  they were penalised and this time up to 100% to 48 cents per 1000 litres if exceeds 35,000 litres.

While the people were being confused with the so-called GST enforcement as a burden to the people, the Penang state government took the opportunity when discharging water tariff increase of 16.7 percent on the same date the GST is implemented.

On similar grounds, in 2017 the State Government of Penang DAP led by Lim Guan Eng has every tendency to raise water consumption surcharge, this time more than 100%; from 48 cents to 100 cents.

Are these not good news for Penangites for choosing DAP and Lim Guan Eng in their hope for change in the state’s government?

PBA Holdings is Penang states company established to supply and manages water in Penang that within 9 years since DAP took over Penang in 2008 from Barisan Nasional, there are 4 increases in water rates and surcharges.

Hence without any doubt, PBA Holdings would easily profit that Guan Eng could laud once again in his next financial statement to show another surplus budget. For all we know, his previous much lauded recent surplus budget was dubious when questioned, and eventually, it was found out that Guan Eng and his administration has been selling the state’s assets and lands just to produce an impressive states financial statement.

DAP promised their voters in the last election campaign that is clearly emblazoned in Pakatan Rakyat manifesto which carried lower water charges but the fact is Guan Eng not only raise water rates once but it has been four times in 8 years.

As such, Penangites will be constantly under pressure to manage their daily operating expenses in addition to the increases in tariffs and other taxes. A few months before the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) first, DAP state government raised the assessment of 14.29 per cent or RM83.40. In 2014, the people of Penang have paid taxes amounting to RM583.80 and after the increase, they are paying for RM667.20 in 2016.

Only in Penang that the bed tax levied on tourists staying in hotels in the state. The implementation was made public following the need to pay additional amounts if you wish to stay in a hotel due to the existence of the tax.

This is a clear manipulation by the DAP-led government who took advantage of the issue of the federal government implementing the GST. Certainly, many traders would increase the price of goods by these various taxes and frequent water rate hikes that eventually, the rakyat will blame the federal government without realising that it is DAP’s crafty plot that burdened their voters.

The DAP-led Penang government actions seem not at all parallel with the Federal Government to always find ways and taking steps to reduce the cost of living. Various forms of assistance such as BR1M introduced by the BN government but the DAP-led government took the opportunity to squeeze their rakyat’s pockets. Are these what they termed as concerned with the plight of the people?

Hence, it is timely to say that Penangites will continue to suffer as long as DAP stays in power!




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