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Whenever the opposition leaders’ wrongdoings are exposed either they are involved in moral acts, abuse of power and corruptions, arbitrarily UMNO will be their easy target to accuse it as political persecution but they will fall as the innocent victims.It is for the third time when images demonstrating a couple having intimate moments resembling Zairil and Dyana have gone viral into the media social after a video which saw a couple mingled and dancing. Ever since both have denied and conveniently accused UMNO of them but they themselves have no guts to lodge reports either to the police or MCMC.

So as not to be accused continuously, Gerakan Akar Umbi Umno (Gaum) took the initial steps to file police report urging authorities to find out the real culprits who are responsible so that UMNO will no longer be blamed. Earlier, Gerakan Penang suggested that both Zairil and Dyana should lodge to the police if those images and video do not depict them and necessary investigation should be carried out to clear their tarnished images.

Spreading doctored pictures with the intention to damage a person’s personality and what more if they are public figures, it should not be encouraged and should be brought to justice. What more if they involved a lawmaker or political party leaders. This is a similar case when Prime Minister Najib Razak was persecuted by a photoshopped image by PKR’s Tian Chua in his attempt to link it with Altantuya’s death.

The same could happen to Zairil and Dyana but the question is, with just wild accusations that UMNO members are responsible, that is a clear ill-intention when it could come from within their party and perhaps from those who disagrees with them.

Zairil is said to be favoured by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng when in the 2012 party election, his victory to fit him in the ranks in the party central committee was orchestrated. The need to place Zairil in the front line is just a show-off as though DAP is truly a multi-racial political party. For it is already an open secret that Zairil is a convert Chinese upon her mother’s second marriage to UMNO minister, the late Tan Sri Khir Johari.

While Dyana was Kit Siang’s special aide and her candidacy in Teluk Intan by-election has displeased many quarters and in particular DAP seniors from Perak. Even though Dyana lost to Gerakan Chairman Datuk Mah with a slim majority, but it is a real blow to Kit Siang who has suggested her without any compromise. Kit Siang’s detractors in the party reasons are simple when out of the blue, Dyana who has no credentials and any track-records in Perak, was selected that the locals were forced to acquiesce to Kit Siang’s wishes.

Even though both Zairil and Dyana failed to come forward to clear their names and DAP’s integrity, it shall be more appropriate and preferred if the relevant authorities would conduct investigations soonest possible without fear and favour. Therefore, all Malaysians are encouraged to support Gerakan Akar Umbi Umno (Gaum) insistence and the culprit concerned shall be known soon. Besides, we are also eager to know if those images really resembles Zairil and Dyana as both have earnestly denied them.




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