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For possessing unusual wealth at a very young age of early twenties such as Adam Rosly, who is without any degree and started his humble business from selling nasi lemak, he can be categorised as a business genius that must be replicated. As compared to Dr Mahathir, who had to use his 22 years savings as the Prime Minister to own a multi-million bungalow, Adam Rosly only need a few luscious years and no higher education is needed but political network with PKR within the golden triangle constituency.

The question is, this so-called PKR Youth Chief Adam Rosly as a young business genius who knows how to conduct his business well, why would he avoid any financial institution’s process for his loans but prefers the loan sharks? Worst still when he has provided false information and forged documents to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for their investigation into Adam’s “unusual wealth”?

It is thus quite comical when the claims by his boss, Zuraida who is PKR MP for Ampang constituency, Adam Rosly’s multi-million bungalow are sourced from the loan shark or well-known in Malaysia as Ah Long’s borrowings and his ‘nasi lemak’ businesses. Typically, those who are experiencing financial difficulties would have their last resort to loan sharks as they are offering at extremely high-interest rates and never did anyone borrows from these Ah Longs to build a house and what more a bungalow worth millions.

Even a legal money-lender would request certain supporting pieces of information to secure repayments from their lenders but this friendly loan shark seems to have high trust in a nasi lemak seller.

Adam Rosly’s unusual wealth does not stop at his deluxe Disney-shaped bungalow but he possesses numerous luxury vehicles naming from the brand Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Mini Cooper. But as exposed, these vehicles remained to belong to others of Chinese names. Yes, it is his rights to possess assets
but why would he respond dubiously in providing false information and documents to MACC? Is he being advised by his superiors or just plain stupid?

It seems that the tactic to retain ownership of Adam’s luxury cars is equal to his PKR Ampang Chief Zuraidah’s confession to her exposed possessed cars. It boggles even further when the owner of these cars for both Adam and Zuraida named under the same person.

Should PKR supporters claimed that Adam is another political victim initiated by their rivals in UMNO, why would UMNO go after a small fry such as Adam when he is not even holding any position at the national level but just another division leader? These PKR supporters should have missed the fact that it was Rafizi who triggered the suspicions about Adam’s unusual wealth upon his war of words with Zuraida.

Should Adam is found guilty, with futility he will be fined up to RM3 million or imprisonment for up to five years or both for breaching six counts charged under Section 32 (8) (c) of the Anti-Money Laundering and the Prevention of Terrorism Act and Section 89 of AMLATFPUAA 2001 respectively. Adam was charged with giving false statements and forged documents to MACC officers.

What a waste of his young age and loyalty to his PKR’s bosses to allow himself easily into their political greed. With such a high price to pay, a lesson for all is that politics is not a platform for a person to be instant wealthy and not a license to violate the law. The charges against Guan Eng for his corruptions whereas Adam Rosly with unusual instant wealth shows beyond doubt that the opposition bloc is much more gluttonous within a short period of their reign.




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