If we may ask, among Selangor PKR-led, Penang DA-led and Kelantan PAS-led, which of these opposition states have successfully produced even one development project for their rakyat?For the past 27 years, PAS conquered Kelantan and still championing as one of the poorest state, while DAP and PKR took over among the richest states in Malaysia with lauded surplus in their annual financial status, not only that the opposition parties fail to produce any significant developments and worst still when they also failed to sustain existing infrastructures developed by Barisan Nasional.

Since 2009, when PM Najib first introduced his 1Malaysia slogan for “People First, Performance Now – Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan”, the opposition bloc were the first to reject and even mocked it. But today, it is evident when they appear to have failed in fulfilling their voters hope if compared to Barisan Nasional that never deceived the people in providing development projects to be shared by all communities.

Can we now understand why the oppositions dismissed the 1Malaysia slogan?

In the government recent housing project launched for Segambut communities, the BN-led government has built two others in Kampung Kerinchi dan Cheras. Please take note that these are the opposition constituencies in urban areas and yet they are never left behind.

Being a fair government led by a caring Prime Minister, only Barisan Nasional is able to constantly prioritise the rights and needs of the people without distinguishing their political support that no one should be left behind.

In looking after the people of Malaysia, the BN-led government since it first contested in the general election under Perikatan, has produced undoubted excellent track records. Under the present leadership of Prime Minister Najib Razak, not only it shall be a continuity but expect more.

Even so, as others are enjoying and appreciate the government’s effort, there are those from the opposition bloc who not only failed to fight for the rakyat’s needs in their true sense, they even attempted to deny them. The Kg Kerinchi incident is a clear example when there are those who are easily influenced by Nurul Izzah from PKR that they are left out and only able to watch their neighbours occupying a much more comfortable and furnished apartment.

In Selangor, not even a single state housing project is able to be initiated by PKR-led yet the people had to suffer from frequent water disruptions and shrouded with high dengue disease intensity. Where as in Penang, lip service conquers all when DAP has been promising for more affordable homes but ended up with high-rise luxury condominiums.

Even so, what the BN government had undertaken in the past to build affordable homes in Taman Manggis land almost lost to DAP-led government scams. Penang DAP Chief Minister Guan Eng is now facing charges by MACC for the scams and hence a living evidence for the people evaluate them.

Between the BN-led government who walk the talk and has achieved results in championing the rakyat’s expectations, a vastly different from Pakatan Harapan-led states who are known for their lip services and empty promises, it is timely that we should ponder and decide wisely if we repeatedly will allow ourselves to be manipulated by the opposition sentiment that eventually we shall be at the losing end.

Promises fulfilled and there shall be no other political party that is reliable and competent other than Barisan Nasional whereas the Pakatan Harapan allies are only good at promises that eventually we will be served with hell on earth.


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