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When the key person who is one of the founders of PPBM is unsure of the party’s real struggle and due to that he decided to leave out the party, is this not an indication that PPBM is established to suit an individual’s self-interest? Hence, this leads us to wonder that even the founder is fuzzy over the party struggle, what more can be expected from their grassroots.It seems that whatever portrayed by PPBM and Dr Mahathir are conflicting that their basic principle of inception is not accordance to their real struggle which is essentially due to personal vendetta towards PM Najib Razak.

Kamarulazman Habibur Rahman was one of the founders for PPBM and later granted to be among one of the supreme council members, has relinquished all positions assigned to him and as defined as a tough yet necessary decision, he quits the party too.

Even more surprising when Kamalrulzaman claimed that PPBM practices favouritism and create ‘caste system’ among their members where those who have a close connection with either Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz or Muhyiddin, are definitely granted special treatments and a position in the party. But it shall be much more unfortunate for the earliest members from grassroots who have fought tooth and nail to establish the party but sidelined.

Those words from Kamalrulzaman are proven to be true that a fierce jostling for posts is going on within PPBM when their women wing’s chief Anina’s plot to embed Dr Mahthir’s son’s political career ended up demanded her resignation. The excuse made was that the influential quarters were very displeased when she discarded others in deciding the heads of division women wing. Proven that differences of opinions are not acceptable in PPBM but prefers authoritarian.

What is more important for the party today is to join the scramble for the Prime Minister post by its top leaders and no more talks on agenda for the people. It seems to be too impossible as the youngest and weakest party in Pakatan Harapan that PPBM will be given any special preference if the opposition pact succeeds to overturn Barisan Nasional in the coming GE14. For that, Kamarulzaman is not only disappointed with PPBM but convinced it is an unrealistic attempt.

Grounds given are definite since it will be too tough for PPBM to win even one parliamentary seat. Even so at present, there is only 1 parliamentary seat won by the President in the last general election. Will PPBM as the youngest and weakest party be granted a louder voice if compared to DAP and PKR, even when compared to PAN, they have more members and MPs? All that can be anticipated is PPBM will be manipulated by Pakatan Harapan allies.

It appears that the Negeri Sembilan PPBM will be dissolved anytime sooner when early of this month, five hundred of their members from the Rembau division quit the party and as claimed by Kamarulzaman that 821 more members nationwide will be leaving in the near future.

Even before PPBM is able to celebrate their first year, the party’s upheaval is not minor but rather acute. This is the consequences when cronyism is practised and after what is hyped to save Malaysia by Dr Mahathir, the otherwise has taken place when in actual it is to save Mahathir and his cronies that are paramount.




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